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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"


"I have to say that I did find it strange that he just happened to be driving through a rioting area or had no idea that there was a riot going on. Also, I do know from people I know from people who had relatives living in that area at the time that the media basically did a 'katrina coverage' of the riot, purposely not showing any of the many looters that were not Black; also, the riot initially started out as a revolt against police brutality in that area by all people, Black, white, brown, etc., but was quickly propagandized into appearing to be a racial riot involving only Blacks vs. whites in general and the police in particular, quickly curbing/ceasing involvement by whites and others that were just as fed up with and sick of the LAPD.

Also, what I gathered from people from the area is also that the majority of Black people were not participating in the rioting/looting, etc., just as you stated, and that the media portrayed it like African Americans were burning and looting their own communities, however, what I was told was that they had targeted places to burn down, etc. (not that I am condoning rioting as a way of protest, because I don't);

I guess what I trying to say is that that riot was headed for being an all out riot by ALL of the people pissed off at the LAPD until the media coverage quickly fed it to the public as an only Black race riot against the LAPD. Then you know what they say about 'self-fulfilling prophecy.'" by sunnubian


"I was there, front and center. Reginald Denny was driving to make a delivery, and basically, there was no warning that anything like the riots were about to jump off. The verdict came in, people got mad, they shared their anger with others who were already mad ... and nobody was there to say STOP!! I don't think he could have known what he was getting into, because it was all sort of made up as it went along.

Although there were some looters who were not Black, the majority of them were. They did intentionally target non-Black establishments, but they also went after/into any kind of store that may have had something they wanted. Many black-owned businesses were spared if they had a "black-owned" sign put up in their window or door. Most of the rioters would have prefered to fight police than to steal ... but the police wouldn't show up. They had "no orders" to go in and stop the burning and the violence. So non-black store owners and a lot of firemen took the brunt of the violence.

I'm not sure what the media showed outside of L.A., but, it was definitely Black folks and they were definitely rioting! But, I'm sure what they didn't show was all the furniture and clothing and other ill-gotten goods that were returned to the stores and the establishment after people had a chance to think about it and be sorry for what they did." by EbonyRose


After over thirty years of African-American administration and operation, what began as the "embodiment of dreams for racial self-determination" is now known, according to the Times, to the blacks it was established to serve as "Killer King," its reputation so feared that patients are known to flee ambulances to avoid being delivered there and police reported to have a mutual understanding that wounded officers will be taken anywhere but King/Drew.

The well founded view of Caucasians, and/or others as it concerns life in South Central Los Angeles.

Mind, you numerous other Black people who live in South Central Los Angeles, and beyond have knowledge of this, and choose not to be treated at Butcher/Killer King should a calamity hit them, due to senseless Black on Black violence or otherwise!

Don't you believe this sunnubian, as it applies to Caucasians not being on the alert, as implied in the above quotation by EbonyRose

....Heck, riot or not, Caucasians look over their shoulder when being tailed by Black people. Heck, some Black people do the same, as it pertains to scrutinizing anyone from the Black communty, who or whom are determined to be a threat to them. The knowledge of becoming some statistic due to Black on Black criminal activity or hatred, make this response to be on the alert very real, in that every Black person who walks, or who breathes, are not the friend of Black people.

You know good and well, or at least it would not be hard to believe, that once the verdict was rendered, as it concerns the Rodney King verdict to acquit Los Angeles Police Officers of any wrongdoing, Caucasians passed rapid fire messages with or without the media being involved, between themselves to stay out of the area, as it pertains to South Central Los Angeles, and/or any other predominately Black community.

In addition, quite a few Black people, including yours truly, found that it would be best to stay clear of South Central Los Angeles, and/or should you be in the area, it would behoove you to be on guard for anything and everything. It would not require a degree in nuclear physics to come to the conclusion that South Central Los Angeles would not be a good place to be, once the Rodney King decision to acquit LAPD officers was rendered.

It would be extremely difficult for me to believe that a Reginald Denny would close himself off from any form of communication with other truckers, his fellow Caucasian community, or otherwise.

Truckers must constantly tune in to their CBs to monitor traffic conditions, weather conditions, road hazards, or any other problem that a trucker may face.

At least since the late 60s, during the time South Central Los Angeles, and Compton have been predominately Black.....

.......Caucasian LADWP city workers, other city workers, and/or private contractors, unless escorted by police officers, it would not be uncommon for Caucasians and/or others to take on other assignments in other areas rather than subject themselves to gunshot fire, bodily injury, etc., while performing work to repair or install power, repair roads, repair water lines, maintain power apparatus, in certain areas of South Central Los Angeles, such as Watts, Florence, Nickerson Gardens, Jordan Downs, Compton, etc. It would not be uncommon for the Fire Department, Police Department, etc., to wait for the smoke to clear, for dead bodies to be lying around, for a fire to consume property, rather than risk losing a police officer, a fire fighter, a paramedic, etc., because of senseless gang shootings, etc., etc.

I can see their point or reasoning here, in that it is so much easier to replace property, and the property of South Central Los Angeles, not being considered a necessity, rather than risk losing a fallen comrad due to senseless disregard for life that comes with the territory of life in South Central Los Angeles, as it pertains to a life than cannot be brought back. Heck, on numerous occasions I've had to hit the deck, or make tracks from an area or building, rather than face being hit by gunfire, gunfire as a result of some senseless argument, that stems from a Black on Black altercation, and/or criminal activity.

I was also living in Los Angeles when the riot of 1992 took place. I was also living in Watts, on 120th and East Main Street, during the first Watts riot.

Like you stated unlike the first riot of 1965, which was a protest, rebellion, "Boston Tea Party", against police brutality and other oppressive conditions to which a predominately Black population were both the oppressed and the participants, the riot of 1992, although initiated by Black people, proceeded to become a predominately Hispanic uprising.

Heck, within my neighborhood, while enroute to work, I witnessed Hispanics breaking into bike shops, and other businesses owned by Koreans.

In addition, the riot of 1992 being County wide, some business owners faked their own property damage, or set fire to their own property as a fraudulent means to collect insurance benefits, from a business venture that was already failing, be it under riot conditions or not. Heck, the haves as well as the have nots were on the take. Individuals in new or late model luxury vehicles could be seen stealing from Fedco, formerly located at Rodeo Road and La Cienega Boulevard, and other business locations, throughout Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County encompassing a large geographical area.

Over a decade since the riot of 1992, South Central Los Angeles is totally different today. While Black people are running away from South Central Los Angeles, to the inland Empire, New Orleans, Palmdale, Atlanta, etc., etc., South Central Los Angeles an area at the bottom of the economic development, an economic environment that can't help but rise in prosperity.... contrast, Hispanics are taking advantage of the opportunity to move their people forward.


Michael Lofton
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