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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

Originally posted by Huey:
Originally posted by sunnubian:
I think that he is suffering from that same brain damage that Dennis(can't remember the last name) was suffering from after being pulled from his truck and nearly beaten to death during the L.A. riots - he also was adamate about not having any animosity - I guess it is hard to feel animosity for something that you cannot remember happening because you were beaten so badly that the incident itself was blocked out of your memory.

His name was Reginald Denny.

Even today, unless the interest is to buy large chunks of property at a price that is very reasonable as compared to their own immediate community, few if any Caucasians live in, or have any reason to visit South Central Los Angeles.

Demographic shifts, the issue of increased fuel costs for commuting, the close proximity of South Central Los Angeles to booming Los Angeles downtown area, as it pertains to business expansion and development, would be the only reasons that Caucasians would have any interest in South Central Los Angeles.

The primary reason that the Caucasian community or any outside interest group, would have in the area, is to eradicate the area of deadly criminal activity, to make South Central Los Angeles business friendly, or conducive to business development.

....and be it out of curiousity or otherwise, Reginald Denny contributed to his own demise, by driving into the area.

Following the Rodney King verdict, you can bet your life on it, that within a New York minute, Caucasians made it a point to warn each other to stay out of South Central Los Angeles.

With all the commerce that is moved daily by the trucking industry, wouldn't you find it strange that one lone Caucasian big rig truck driver, in a Reginald Denny, would choose to visit an area, that other truck drivers, who use "CB" radios, etc., etc., warn other truck drivers of any foreseen hazard?

Even under normal conditions, meaning without a riot situation, visiting South Central Los Angeles, Compton, etc., etc., would not be at the top of the list of priorities for any Caucasian to visit, conduct legal business, or otherwise. Generally speaking, as it pertains to the Black community, ever since the riot of 1965, unless promoting a heavy police presence, the Caucasian community has washed its' hands of any association with South Central Los Angeles.

Following the Rodney King verdict, the area of South Central LA, would definitely be a hazardous area for any Caucasian(s) who choose to visit South Central Los Angeles.

Heck, by and large Black people with any sense either remained at home, and/or those who lived outside of the area, refrained from visiting any friend, relative, or associate who lived near the flashpoint of the 1992 riot.
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