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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

Man Beaten in New Orleans Says Racism Not to Blame
Compiled by the DiversityInc staff


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October 12, 2005

Charges of racism arose after the beating of a black man by white police officers this weekend was caught on tape. But Robert Davis, a retired teacher, told USA Today that his violent arrest in New Orleans says more about post-hurricane chaos than it does about racism. "Some people want to make it a race thing. I don't. That's demeaning to me," he said.

Despite his claim, the Justice Department is investigating whether the 64-year-old's civil rights were violated. The incident took place Saturday night, after Davis left a restaurant in the French Quarter to smoke a cigarette. He said he asked an officer about the city's curfew and was interrupted by another. That offended him, and he told the police officer as much. That's when the brawl, which involved four officers, began.

Davis, who faces charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest, said the officers, who pleaded not guilty to battery charges, should be fired. "They don't need to be on the force," he said. "It's not good for the city."

"New Orleans is a place that has an open invitation to visitors," said Joseph Bruno, Davis' lawyer. "And they should know that they're not putting themselves at risk when they come here."

Quote of the day:

"Some people want to make it a race thing. I don't. That's demeaning to me."

"”Robert Davis, the black retired teacher whose beating by white police officers in New Orleans was caught on tape. USA Today, Oct. 12.