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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

Originally posted by jefftec:
......just like the atrocities of Killer/Butcher King major reforms have actually taken place in the police department. Police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators who are employed by the government are being held accountable. Furthermore there far fewer incidents of police officers harrassing, beating, maiming, and/or killing Blacks, Hispanics, and/or otherwise. Although, many of the culprits still work for the LAPD, there roll to violate the rights of anyone who is being stopped has been slowed. Furthermore, video equipment has been installed on many police vehicles, to record any set of events, meaning those police officers who choose to continue such activity will have their actions recorded. It is certain that this has also slowed their roll to continue wrongful acts. The greatest deterent though has been civil lawsuit for damages. Neither the County of Los Angeles, nor the taxpayers have an unlimited supply of money to continue paying out mega-bucks as a result of the atrocities of government. The city or county of Los Angeles will not continue to keep any employee on the payroll who brings such shame, shame in the form of megabucks in damages, being paid for the wrong acts of government employees. Government, like private business entity will eventually amputate this dead weight rather than be forced into bankruptcy, insolvency, etc., etc., brought on by the actions of no good employees.

Michael, government(s) unfortunately doesn't operate like a private entity and oftentimes it takes a Senate Vote (figuratively speaking)or a very well documented slew of complaints to fire a government employee....let alone a police officer.

Now what do you suppose would have happened if Mr Davis had died in lieu of the beating that he sustained? Without Media video coverage?

.....Mr. Davis's fate would have been like so many other innocent Black men beaten down by police before him.

Without witnesses, without someone coming forth, just like the infamous "Rodney King" beating none of us would have known about it. The activity would have been swept under the rug.

If not for the actions of "Holiday", Holiday being Caucasian, few Black people, or otherwise would have known about Rodney King's fate.

I don't know about other jurisdictions, but in Los Angeles, government employees are being held accountable. A while back, while driving an over 26,000 lb tanker truck, while on City business, I was involved in an accident that killed a Caucasian senior citizen. Had I not followed the rules, or not been using City property for City business, slim chance exists where the Los Angeles City attorney's office would have represented me. I would have had to finance my own legal defense.

The same can be said for any other city employee. Now days, police officers in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and/or nearby jurisdictions, are really being scrutinized, so much so, that as stated before, far fewer incidents take place where any police officer is going to be so bold as to knowingly over step his or her boundaries.