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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
Do you not see the link between these two sentences?

  • People who are racists in their daily lives take that with them to work.

  • the only individuals who continue to be beat down like this on a regular basis are in fact Black people

    Even if I just wiped out your entire family and drank their blood, it is not your job nor is it appropriate as a police officer to come on the scene and start kickin' ass.

    Perhaps we should just station the Fruit of Islam on street corners. Things wouldn't even have to get to the civil suit level.

  • Since the Rampart Scandal, and the many follow-up civil lawsuit for damages....

    ......just like the atrocities of Killer/Butcher King Hospital major reforms have actually taken place in the Los Angeles police department, and/or other policing jurisdictions. Police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators who are employed by the government are being held accountable. Furthermore there are far fewer incidents of police officers harrassing, beating, maiming, and/or killing Blacks, Hispanics, and/or otherwise. Although, many of the culprits still work for the LAPD, their roll to violate the rights of anyone who is being stopped has definitely been curtailed.

    Furthermore, video equipment has been installed on many LAPD police vehicles, to record any set or series of events. Those police officers who choose to continue such activity will have their actions recorded. It is certain that this reality has also slowed their roll to continue wrongful acts.

    The greatest deterent to stop rogue police officers, has been civil lawsuit for damages. Neither the County of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, any other jurisdiction, nor the taxpayers of any jurisdiction, have an unlimited supply of assets to continue paying out mega-mega-mega-bucks as a result of the atrocities of government. Neither the City nor the county of Los Angeles choose to continue keeping any city employee on the payroll who brings such shame, shame in the form of mega-megabucks in damages, being paid for the wrongfful and illegal acts of government employees. Government, just like any private business entity, will eventually amputate this dead weight rather than be forced into bankruptcy, insolvency, etc., etc., brought on by the actions of no good employees.

    The old saying "Money Talks and B.S. Walks" is still true.

    Basically, the squeaking wheel receives the grease. For well over thirty years, the atrocities of Butcher/Killer King continued. This activity was not arrested until civil lawsuit for damages on the part of victims, their heirs, the victim's legal representatives, and/or major demographic shifts put a stop to this foolishness.

    When South Central Los Angeles, Compton, etc., etc., was predominately Black, our own leadership, our own Black doctors, our own Black nurses, our own high level Black hospital administrators chose to keep this activity going to protect personal friends, to promote a lavish life style, and/or to deceive their own constituency.

    Heck, the Los Angeles Sentinel, the largest so-called Black owned newspaper on the West Coast, has yet to publish this reality. Namely, because again our own people in high places have not been on the level with Black people.


    Michael Lofton
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