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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
Black victims of police brutality have also sued and won large settlements. Large settlements and cultural training programs (WTF is that about? If you live in a large metropolitan area and don't know anything about dealing with people of other cultures, IT IS BY CHOICE!) don't stop cops from abusing their power. People who are racists in their daily lives take that with them to work.

....the only individuals who continue to be beat down like this on a regular basis are in fact Black people. In many instances, Black people are committing crimes.

In far too many instances our own lawyers, and so-called elected officials are treasonous, and/or very inept, when it comes to serving or representing the truly innocent in the Black community.

There is a big difference. You won't find as many incidents of the Los County Sheriffs, the LAPD, etc., etc., disrespecting Samoans, Hispanics, Koreans, etc., etc. what commonly occurs in the Black community, be it the burbs, or the inner-city!
The major beneficiaries of the multiple incidents of megabucks payoffs as it relates to the atrocities of the "Rampart Scandal" are Hispanic.

Activity of rogue police officers killing, maiming, or branding the truly innocent of Black America as being criminal has been going on for years.

By and large, the so-called university educated from our own community, choose to play games, side with the perpetrators, defend criminals, etc., etc.,............

....rather than step up to the plate to serve the truly innocent, the truly oppressed, etc., etc.


Michael Lofton
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