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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

"We recognize that we have a very diverse community and we better get on board," he said, referring to the multicultural county that has become known as America's new melting pot.

As an added benefit, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department hopes the cultural training program will stop hefty civil judgments it has been forced to pay because of alleged police brutality.

In 1995 the department was ordered to pay $15.9 million to 36 Samoans who were holding a bridal shower in the Los Angeles suburb of Cerritos. Deputies allegedly beat some family members severely and used racial epithets during the February 1989 incident.

"Virtually every officer who showed up was white," said Garo Maardirossian, an attorney for the Samoans. "If you have a sufficient mix of officers -- someone who had been racially sensitive -- they could have avoided the whole fiasco."


The past several years since this incident the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has refrained from harrassing, violating, beating, etc., etc., any resident of the Samoan community.

There is a reason, or difference as to the why. The difference being unlike Black people who, or whom:

A. Choose to march after being violated.

B. Fight with police officers on the street, which brings in policing reinforcements, who are licensed to kill you.

C. ...Whose leadership be it elected officials, lawyers, or otherwise, play games, trash valid petitions for redress, and/or join the ranks of the perpetrators.

........when Black people are the recipients of these atrocities.......

by and large the Samoan community through its own Samoan lawyers, leaders, or otherwise, organized to sue Los Angeles County for megabucks, and won.

Marching in mass amounts to BS, suing for redress surely talks strongly, quashes, and/or curtails, the probability of future activity on the part of government employees who violate the rights of law abiding citizens.

The Samoans have put a stop to Los Angeles County Sheriffs harrassing and/or unlawfully violating the rights of Samoans.

It will be interesting to see, when or if, the Black community and its' leadership will ever wake up and smell the coffee. Marching, fighting with police officers, playing games, being treasonous as it concerns the many acts of sleaze on the part of our own lawyers, elected officials, etc., and their treasonous relationship with the many innocent Black people who have been violated time and time again by agents and officials of government, has yet to bring any form of redress for the wrongs of government seriously gone awry.
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