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Reply to "New Democrats Poll"

I think the reaction to Kucinich is as mystifying as that to Clark. Clark has been in the "race" for just over 36 minutes. He has no stated agenda. He has been a Republican of record. He was fired from his last job of consequence to electability.

Kucinich has frequently, and loudly stated agenda. He has performed well for his constituency in Congress. He has a history of success in several elections to public office.

Kucinich is seen however, suffers from the "barking dog" syndrome. His diminutive size on the stage, and his loud (sometines overly loud voice), his openly aggressive posture gives him a "yip, yip" persona. It's like a political curse.


Jim Chester

P.S. In taking a second look at the standings, I am reminded of the statistical practice of "averaging." Drop the top (Clark) and the bottom (Kucinich), and deal with what's left.

P.P.S. I was frustrated trying to prepare an example of the result. Low and behold only 85% of the poll is represented. Statistics!!!!!!
Where is the other 15% MBM?????

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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