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Reply to "New Black Conservative Website"

Originally posted by The_Congo:
Toussaint, you present yourself and your argument in a very cool manner in a hostile situation. Your composure is much better than mine. I respect you for that.

Thanks, The_Congo. I realize that I could give all the evidence in the world to some folks in here, and it won't matter a lick. So it aint even worth gettin riled up about.

Case and point - how they cry about poverty all the time, and when freer economies bring people out of poverty and give them options they couldn't dream of previously, they simply disregard it.

They aren't concerned with the people no longer being impoverished. They're concerned with hating free markets. They're concerned with businesspeople becoming richer (who cares if businesspeople become richer if the poor are being lifted out of poverty at the same time?)

All of a sudden their concern is something else other than people being lifted out of poverty. I'd find it to be laughable if it weren't so sad.

Folks need to put their hatred of free markets a side for a second an see an unprecedent reduction in poverty for what it is...