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Reply to "New Black Conservative Website"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
There is no net loss for the investor class... all the pain is saved up for the poor schleps who lose their jobs.

That is so true. The main problem that I have with this Free Market Globalism [besides the fact that it is all theory] is that it discounts the very real suffering of very real people, without making no allowances or better taking no measures to elevate the suffering.

It assumes that all parties are equal players in the game, when in fact, very few are players [they are called owners], all the rest are the played.

Anyone supportive of this theoretic philosophy, other than the already wealthy, are fooling themselves-believing that they are smarter than the average bear [played one], and thus protected from the enviable suffering that their philosophy thrives upon.

All philosophies that discount real human's suffering as a cost of progress sound great ... until one wakes up are realizes that you are not the player that you thought you were; rather you are merely one of the played.

And then guess what? When these played ones get played, they cry about how the system is broken. But it is way too late.