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Reply to "New Black Conservative Website"

Another question (read it slowly so you don't hurt yourself) If there is a fixed pie, then how is the world's wealth so much greater than it was 200 years ago?

Roll Eyes

When you can raise intelligent questions and, more, make intelligent statements and, even still more, answer questions intelligently then you can talk.

I'll ask you again:
How can someone run the risk of being unemployed when NOTHING IS LOST??

Explain the "pain" and stop the Mickey Mouse, MEALY MOUTH BS! Why would actual economist (as opposed to a shade-tree ideologue) talk about present and short-term "PAIN" (while praying for long-term, off in the distance "gain") if there is/was NO NET LOSS?

How can there be "pain" when there is NO LOSS and, given your DUMB ASS 200 year BS... constant "GAIN"?

Again, you had a ready example:
Even within the United States, there has been a migration of investment dollars to the Southern Region and away from the Northern Region.

And with that.... I didn't stutter:
Show the lack of a relationship and how "nothing tangible" was "lost" in the switch.

Now, open your mouth and actually defend your statements. You said:
Both regions can grow at the same time.

Now demonstrate how that is so and how you have knowledge of things that contradict what I posted:
...economists say the change in manufacturing, albeit painful, is healthy for the sector and for the overall economy in the long run.
Like, actually speak to that point instead of some stupid shit.

How is there "pain", Toussaint? When there is, as you say, NO NET LOSS?