Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

 ... well, I ain't mad atcha, sistagirl!!    Like I told you ... my patience for dealing with (unsensible) human beings ran out a looooonnnggg time ago!!  


Now I just try to concentrate more on saving the planet, instead!!  


But ... I'ma give you a minute or so to take a good, deep breath ... find a second or two of calm ... and then see if you don't breakdown and relent and decide to give (them/us) another go!!    I know how hard it can be to actually change directions .... but, then again, I know what it means when enough is really enough ... the end ... and it's time to get!!  


So .. whatever you do, wherever you go ... as long as you feel rewarded by it .. that's all that really counts.


The important thing is ..... there are actually a LOT of people like you ... (maybe not enough but a lot!!) ... some that have been working tirelessly for a long time ... but, a lot of others that have only recently started ... to take our youngun's - at least those they can get their hands on - and give to them and nurture, uplift and literally save them a lot of times!!


But ... those people get no notoriety, their stories are not told ... and a whole lot of us don't even know they exist.  They rarely, if ever, get the credit they are due for their time and sacrifice.    But, the fact is .... they ARE out there, and small numbers at a time (considering the magnitude of the problem) ... but many of our children ARE finding their ways to a better place ... getting to use their intellect and talent and creativity ... and reaching out and reaching back to help others.


I've read/seem/heard about a lot of Black-college groups and programs these days that are going out and mentoring/tutoring to young kids ... specifically trying to keep them from 'falling through the tracks' and going down the wrong road.  A lot of young (and older) adults these days are making it their mission to try to catch kids at a young age (mostly because of their negative family situations) to give them a different view of the world.


There's also been a LOT of new organizations/charities created in recent years that take groups of young'uns to other countries (generally Africa) to give them the life-changing experiences that make them WANT to make the world better ... especially for those in their own communities!


So .... maybe it's from the aspect of one on the 'outside looking in' ... but, I am  more hopeful for this next generation that's coming up than I was for this last one.    Or the one before that.  We're finally getting past the hip-hop madness (thank God!!) .. and I think slowly ... very s-l-o-w-l-y ... there is a bigger focus and subsequent shifting of attitudes amongst some of our young people of a greater degree of self-respect and self-inflection.


That, coupled with what I think is renewed focus of the importance and need of education - and better education - in our communities and for our children .. and I'm hoping we've 'turned the curve'!!    We'll just have to see about that.