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Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:


And this is what pisses me off.   Since I know that many of us don't practice common sense....I try to teach it to kids hidden in my would think the parents would support or at least appreciate it.... but!  No.........they try to sabbotage it by acting like hood rats not used to anything.  And this just grows old.  You know? Cuz this the question.   When do you START thinking for yourself?  You act like you still sharecropping and waiting on massa to tell you so you can believe...or HOW TO THINK.  So I'm hearing you my sista.  You're exact on the money.  Exact. 



And I would implore you, Ms. Koco, to NOT let those parents deter you from doing your best to educate their children!!  


As much as I love and support our people ... ALL of our people .... it is with a heavy heart that I have accepted the need to "write off" many of today's "parents" (and I use that term loosely in these instances!) as "lost causes."  'Cause, in reality, that's what they are.    They can't be saved.  It's too late for them.


HOWEVER .... in a lot of cases .... their CHILDREN CAN!!!    The fact is .... our children (ALL children) are born with the potential for elevation and greatness.  It's somewhere along the way in the "upbringing" part that they will either gain or lose the ability to fully capitalize on it.


MANY of our children are simply (outwardly) victims of their surroundings ... and may not look (or seem) like they're capable of much.  But INSIDE brews the same  dynamic intelligence, perseverance, quest for knowledge and ability to excel as our ANCESTORS brought with them and our people have ALWAYS been able to display when given a chance!!


I watched a story not to long about about a young, Black, teen-aged girl who was basically a science genius ... and while she did well in school (all A's) ... she didn't really let her excellence show.  


Well ... she started skipping classes and seemed unusually depressed.  ONE of her teachers decided to check her out and discovered that she and three younger siblings had been living in a storage facility for the past 3 or 4 months ... her mother was a (mostly absent) drug addict and the dad was illiterate, took odd jobs, but mostly just didn't want to be around his family ... so the burden to care for her siblings was pretty much solely on her!!


She was managing to get all of them to school ... and feed them from the money the Dad brought home ... but, it was an awful situation for someone her age to have to bare.    But ... she bore it all the same.


Well, of course, getting that story out of her was like pulling teeth for the teacher .. but, once he found out, he did what he could to direct her to agencies that might help ... she and the kids went to a shelter (Dad stepped up enough to NOT have to have them go into the CPS system) ... the girl (with the help of the teacher) entered a science fair and WON a full-ride college scholarship!!!  


Of course, you can only hope she could see it through with the family problems she had.  She said the welfare of her brothers and sisters were still her first priority for her! 


Another girl's parents had abandoned her altogether!!  Just LEFT her alone - she said they said they weren't good enough to be her parents .. and thought she might be able to do better without them around!!    She, too, was educationally gifted .. but, trying to work (just to pay the rent .. she couldn't afford lights, water or other utilities) and finish high school.  


Someone at her school noticed, helped her, and now she, too, will be able to go to college on a scholarship!!


Our children are NOT their parents!!  And so many (albeit probably not most) that are stuck as victims of their (not of their own making) circumstances just need a chance, some acknowledgement, a little bit of assistance, and someone (other than their too-far-gone parents!!) to care!!!  And they CAN and WILL be able to excel!!


So do what you gotta do to bypass their (the children's) roadblocks!!!  And open up the opportunities for them ... as much as you can!!