Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

If done right, fair and equitably, an Africa-China alliance would change the future of the world for centuries to come.


(But, even if done fair and equitably, a big down side would be Africa flirting with Communism).


Can Africa trust China?


Should Africa trust China?


Will China play fair with Africa?


Would China require Africa sacrifice their political ideology in return?


All very interesting questions and things to think about. 


However is there anyone with an interest in people NOT thinking about a relationship between Africa and China in terms of economic impact?


This is where the value of knowing and understanding the history of Chinese (Asia et al) development shines.


I don't  hold the same view on African's "flirting" with Communism, mostly because its become a term of association and not of meaning.  Hard to say that we are a people of a history of being community orientated but dismiss social extensions of that. 


Totalitarianism is usually conflated with communal concepts for any number of historical reasons ranging from fear tactic's (raged by the existing power structure ie-what's happening in press accounts of Venezuela) to IMHO ill conceived attempts to use such control to force the existing (or overthrown power) to comply with those backing the authoritarian rulers. 




.....but that's a whole nutha subject.