Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

Only time will tell the truth about what is really going on with the Africa-China relationship.


But, actually, if China, having the upper-hand economically, do right by Africa, not have or tolerate racism/racial condescendence, and unfair practices, the relationship has the potential to make China and Africa the most powerful nation/continent on earth.  


The sheer number of Africans and Chinese alone, would make an African-China alliance the largest and most powerful military coalition on earth.  


An Africa-China economic alliance, done fair and equitably, has the potential to make both Africa and China the most economically sound on earth.


China already has the military might to assist Africans in overthrowing ruthless dictators and corrupt leaders that are keeping the continent in poverty, war and suffering; however, it may lead to Africa leaning more toward Communism than democracy, or God forbid, China inserting it's own brutal, corrupt regime that will do the same as dictators they overthrow.  


If done right, fair and equitably, an Africa-China alliance would change the future of the world for centuries to come.


(But, even if done fair and equitably, a big down side would be Africa flirting with Communism).


Can Africa trust China?


Should Africa trust China?


Will China play fair with Africa?


Would China require Africa sacrifice their political ideology in return?