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Only time will tell the truth about what is really going on with the Africa-China relationship.


But, actually, if China, having the upper-hand economically, do right by Africa, not have or tolerate racism/racial condescendence, and unfair practices, the relationship has the potential to make China and Africa the most powerful nation/continent on earth.  


The sheer number of Africans and Chinese alone, would make an African-China alliance the largest and most powerful military coalition on earth.  


An Africa-China economic alliance, done fair and equitably, has the potential to make both Africa and China the most economically sound on earth.




I agree with you 150%  


However .... I don't  see "fair and equitable" happening in an Africa-China relationship.  At all.  


I don't believe China will ever want or try to be a "social stabilizer" for Africa. I think the relationship, as it is right now, with China intentionally staying out of 'domestic/social disputes' between the governments and their people ... is the way it will continue to be for as long as it possibly can, as far as China is concerned.


Africa is accepting this Chinese involvement for the money.  And China is offering its relationship to Africa for its resources.  It's purely economic.  Not personal.  Not social.


And ... both sides are happy - and greatly prospering - with this arrangement.  Yes, Africa is getting 'the short end of the stick'.  However ... China is giving them more than they had or would have (before the relationship) ... and more than anyone else will offered them (with easier, less intrusive conditions for doing business than the West) and at least a possibility of greater economic growth.


If these African nations could take what they are getting from China now ... and turn it around and learn to use it in their own, personal, economic favor (i.e., mine, refine and export their own resources for themselves) ... then they WIN in the end.  And, yes, I think a better, fairer, more equitable, more equal agreement with China could turn that relationship into a global powerhouse!!!  


But, unfortunately, right now .... China is mostly picking the African countries with the highest degrees of political corruption, social discontent and poverty (as it's more economically feasible for them to just bribe their way into access of those resources!!).  Just so they can stay (politically) out of the way and keep it as a solely economic relationship as much as possible.


African nations themselves will have to get smart and economically knowledgeable to handle their own (financial) business in the most beneficial and prosperous ways.  Otherwise ... I don't see "fair and equitable" on the horizon for Africa.  So I hope they learn what they're doing.