Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

You know ... it is SO sad how many of our people do not - and, sadly, do not even KNOW - how to think for themselves, anymore!!    And it's not necessarily that they believe everything their told (although, in too many cases IT IS!!) .... but, it's more like they don't even consider that there's more or something else to what they're told .... that changes the TRUTH about what's really going on!!  So, they basically just live in 'ignorant stupor' ... instead of getting or being educated or informed!!


I have a niece-in-law who started complaining from the first day of her now-12-year-old daughter's schooling that there was no "critical thinking" being taught to the kids!!  It was all about 'teaching to the test' (GeeDubya was in office with his worthless NCLB thing!).  But nothing about actually learning how to comprehend and "think through" what was being taught ... so that they could learn to come to logical, intelligent and informed conclusions .. on their own!!


Although she said it and complained about it constantly (because it was one of the first things she had ever learned to do it school!!) ... her complaints baffled me somewhat .... I didn't really understand what the 'big deal' was about it ... why she was so insistent that this was a problem!!  


But NOW I get it!!!    After seeing how so many of our children can't figure out basic stuff like ... what kind of things makes common sense, and what doesn't ... how to discern when people know what they're talking about (and should be believed) .. and what people just talk out of their ass and say ANYTHING (and time shouldn't be wasted paying attention to!).  


That's one of the reasons why at least TWO of our generations were snowed over by the music industry who put out decades of filthy, disrespectful images of us through "hip hop' music .... sucking them in with false depictions of being able to gain (easy) money and fame .... when trying to emulate that lifestyle actually resulted in acting in ways that got most of them turning into criminals, increased violence, incarceration, the breakup of the Black family, domestic abuse, drugs, prostitution and a whole host of other negative conditions.


All because of a gullibility to believe unbelievable hype!!    Did NOBODY think .... 'there's a better, more productive, more creative, more flattering, more uplifting, more positive ... less destructive way to make money? To promote creativity? To showcase talent? To quit making fat-cat record execs billions of dollars while they received pennies on the same damn dollar?"  To open on their own record labels and make their own money and music?? 


The answer is HELL NAW!! No one thought "critically" about what they were doing ... or, worse, what was being done TO them!    No one had the ability to think past MONEY!!  And weren't even smart enough to insist on making as much of it as they deserved ... being that it was their talent, their creativity, their images, and their fame that was racking all the money in.  


I mean ... it's really simple.  Knowing that the American media is F.O.S. ... that's the FIRST thing you should be looking for when watching/reading their newscasts!!  Knowing you're only going to get the partial story ... you should be looking for the credible FACTS about something before those half-lies are even fully told!!


THINKING is not rocket science.    It might take a little effort ... but, it never HURT anybody!!  There's no DANGER in it.  And I wish more of our people would TRY it sometimes.  THINK for ourselves.  'Cause nobody else is going to give us the truth that we need to be knowing for us.