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I don't I've seen the particular piece on the Discovery channel, however, I remain skeptical on those types of "documentaries".  Some of what is out there is embarrassingly uninformed and/or poorly researched regarding the history, development and culture of China.  




To this I believe that everyone should always be aware of and keep in mind that e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y ... has an agenda of one form or another!!!    Of course, nowhere is that MORE prevalent than in the case of the general media.  


However ... more often than not .... the problem is NOT in having that agenda ... but WHAT, specifically, that agenda IS!!!  Some agendas are created to influence (as in the case of the mainstream media)... while some are merely intended to inform (i.e., documentaries on otherwise "neutral" outlets).  Then, too ... it also depends on whose documentary it is!! (i.e., the producer!)


The thing is ... oftentimes, when it comes to things such as documentaries ... I don't think most of them are created with the intention to be the "end-all, be-all" of the subject matter nor the discussion surrounding it!!  I believe everyone should do their own independent investigation of whatever subject they find interest in .... and never take anyone else's word for anything!!  If, for no other reason .... you may have a DIFFERENT opinion of the SAME situation than the person who's presenting the information to you in the first place!!


And ... (IMO) there's nothing wrong with that, either!!  We're all DIFFERENT individuals for a reason!! 


For me .... the MSM never gives a complete story about anything they report on!!  They tell you what they want you to know!!  For whatever reason they want you to know it!!    There's always MORE to the story.  And I never take their word, wholly, about ANYTHING!!  And, if you're interested enough, it's your responsibility to fill in the blanks from other sources!!  'Cause that's the only way you'd be able to ascertain ALL of the facts needed to make an informed opinion!!


But ... when it comes to documentaries/exposes about different things/situations ... especially those happening in other countries ... it's more about providing (a little more than basic) information about that subject ... giving you an idea or overview about what's going on .... and not really done to "influence" ... but more to give you facts ... hopefully some credible statistics ... but, mostly, to allow you to gain knowledge/education/information about something you would otherwise not know existed ... or have any knowledge about!!


And then from there ... it's up to you to do your own research .. make your own decisions .... and form your own opinions!!  Nobody can force you to believe what they want you to believe ... just because they want you to believe it!! (Although lord knows the MSM tries their level best to do just that!!)


But ... it's up to you what seems like more fact than fiction!!  And most times ... it's not all that difficult to discern the difference!  

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