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Reply to "New "Africa edition" of China Daily part of Chinese media influence on the continent"

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

Interesting story .... for a couple of reasons!!


First though, I find it interesting that the Chinese seek to put a positive spin on "Africa" as a Continent .... but not "Africans" as people/individuals.  Not too long ago I saw a report about how Africans IN China are just as, if not more, discriminated against than they are anywhere else in the world!!


Many came there figuring that with the intense focus of Chinese investment happening IN Africa .... there must be opportunities for economic grown for Africans IN China, as well!!  But ... that's not the case at all.  Most of them are relegated to small areas outside of towns ... and sell their wares at marketplaces.  The Chinese who come there do so to try to get their goods at dirt-cheap prices ... or far less than the market value they would have to pay in their own cities.  


Most Chinese are not respectful or nice to them ... nor do they offer then more prominent jobs or the chance to make middle-wage salaries.  So, for the Chinese to go INTO Africa and then want to tout then in some kind of positive manner ... for the sake of the cameras or a news story .... is BS if you ask me!!  


But then ... that should be surprising to anyone, I suppose. 



May I ask what are you basing any of that on?