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Reply to "Negroes?African"

Thanks for the ethnographic information.

I occasionally wonder about 'what ethnic groups are where' across the African continent.

Your point about 'African Negroes' is well taken.

By the way, I was particularly pleased that you distinguished the difference of intent by using the term western Africa as opposed to 'West Africa'. While many consider terminology insignificant, 'West Africa' is the terminaology of conquerors as is evinced by 'West Berlin', 'West Germany', 'East Asia, 'North Africa', 'South Africa' versus 'Eastern Europe' and 'Western Europe'.


Back to point:

We struggle with how to distinguish ourselves, and those like us.

No one in Africa seems to have the problem except until they try to relate themselves to us, or those others 'out of Africa'.

So, we come up with terms like 'sub-Saharan' Africa. Like there are no 'black' people north of the Sahara.

And we know that is a lie.

You will notice I distinguish myself, and all others of unknown African ancestry as being not simply American but Americans, who are African American.

We struggle clearly distinguishing ourselves from others like us in ancestry, and/or appearance.

This is clearly a consequence of chattel slavery and Jim Crow law, and practices.


Jim Chester