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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

So much for Affirmative Action, and like minded progressives and any benefit they bring to the Black community. There are definitely more pressing issues and concerns, based on credibility and not the fiction, and fallacies of any Kevin41, Empty Purnata, etc., etc.....

...such activity would not be considered B.S. by those victimized by this activity. More likely those who make excuses for our own inept Black elected leadership, those who change the subject matter to compare the senseless killing of Black people by other Blacks to Caucasian criminal activity are full of B.S., crap, nonsense, fallacies, etc. reality would have it, Caucasians are not ending up in the morgue on a daily basis, or losing any hope of competent representation, as a result of this senseless activity.

....or get upset, because just like any other source of publishing, be it the L.A. Times, the Daily News, the New York Times, Michael Lofton, Constructive Feedback, the KKK, Protest Warrior, StormFront, and/or otherwise...

....once any valid subject matter is published, for the perusal of the reader, anyone can circulate the material, publish it, use it as supportive documentation, and it would not matter as to the source, in the event the information is valid.

Those who do not wish to see their name(s) or wrong actions published should have used better judgment in the first place. Had they not committed the act, there would not be any information of this type that could be substantiated and published.


"Black leaders must address murder rate, Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 01/8/06


Adistinguished group of black Americans will assemble in Washington next month to put finishing touches on a blueprint for uplifting their race. Called "The Covenant with Black America," this plan is the product of a brain trust of black leaders "” people committed to fixing what's broken in black America.

The 254-page document, a copy of which I obtained in advance of its scheduled late February release, is an action plan to make black people healthier, improve the education of black children, reduce the high black incarceration rate and help black Americans acquire wealth and become economically self-sufficient.

As important as all of this is, it doesn't go far enough.

Somewhere in this document, amid all the talk about what individuals can do to strengthen the race, there should have appeared these words: Thou shall not kill. Anyone who is serious about uplifting the black race ought to have ending the slaughter of black people high on the list of things to do.

According to Tuskegee Institute data, 3,445 black Americans were lynched in this country between 1882 and 1968. As horrific as that Jim Crow "justice" was, it pales compared with the black-on-black carnage now taking place.

Of the 15,365 black people murdered between 2000 and 2004 whose killers are known to law enforcement officials, 14,025 of them were killed by other blacks, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report.

To put this into context, more than four times as many black people were killed by black people during this five-year period as died at the hands of mobs over the 86 years of recorded lynchings.

If the Ku Klux Klan were responsible for this level of bloodshed, black leaders would make ending this violence a top priority. If the Aryan Nation were behind this senseless slaughter, they would demand extraordinary steps to stop it.

But overwhelmingly, the culprits aren't bigoted whites; they are a small group of self-loathing blacks. These people are a cancer eating away at the hopes and aspirations of those whose lives they affect. And that impact is widespread.

Eight of the 10 cities with the highest murder rate per 100,000 population are majority black, Morgan Quitno Press reported in its 2005 listing of the nation's most dangerous cities. In the other two, black and Hispanic residents combined make up the population majority.

How do you build better schools and energize economic development in cities plagued by such murder rates? How do you keep middle-class whites and blacks from fleeing to the suburbs "” a loss that depletes the tax bases of these cities?

Education and jobs are part of the answer. And drug trafficking and drug abuse have a lot to do with black-on-black murders. But behind these causes are people who have little regard for the lives of others. What do we do about them?

For many of us who have escaped the most violent black neighborhoods, the carnage that goes on in them is a distant reflection of the nation's larger failings. But for those left behind, who run the gauntlet of this violence, the need for an end to black-on-black murder is a matter of great urgency.

As it should be for the well-meaning drafters of The Covenant.

DeWayne Wickham is a Washington-based columnist for the Gannett News Service." based upon the fallacies circulated by a Kevin41, Empty Purnata, etc., the KKK, would also be responsible for these atrocities, atrocities to which the victims are Black and the perpetrators are Black.

......and mind you this article was published by other Black people.

Thanks CF, for introducing this material. the way, let's see how long it takes, for an Empty Purnata, a Kevin41, etc., etc., to say that this is worthless information, because it came from the KKK, Protest Warrior, the Bush Administration, The Gannet News Service, Conservative Blacks, Uncle Toms, SpamBots, etc., etc.


"DeWayne Wickham is a Washington-based columnist for the Gannett News Service...

...and mind you this article was published by other Black people.

Published??? By "other" Black people??? Is Gannett owned by Black people?" by AudioGuy

....regardless of whether the Gannett News Service used the information of other Black people, to make this publication possible. Either way, be it solely Gannett News work...

.....which it is not, because DeWayne Wickham's information came from Black sources, or

.....or Black people who consulted with the Gannett News Service to make this possible, the message is still valid.....
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