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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

"1. It is his attempt to have the last word as EP stated when describing childish behavior.

2. The infammatory nature of his posts is intended to distract from the content of the previous post that cannot rebut. Based on the hateful nature of his posts, an appropriate response would be emotional and inflammatory and therefore sucessfully take the discussion away from the points he cannot rebut or renders his statements moot.

3. In the spirit of blast emailing, his posts and long and distracting and by always being the last post in a thread, tends to hide the post of the person he intends to suppress, kinda like a get-it-lost-in-the-crowd-of-messages approach.

**What I have learned is that once you find out the motivation behind a person's behavior, you are not distracted by the behavior itself and less inclined to become angry because of it. you understand what they are striving for as a goal, eliminate their possibility of accomplishing it...and go on about your merry day."

"Is there any reason why this thread should not be moved to the "?" forum? Respectfully, is there anything of community-wide value here? sck" by MBM"


"since Lofton doesn't provide any community-wide value in his posts either, he, too, should be relegated to the "?" forum. Simply quoting people's posts and linking to white supremacist websites or his own posts as proof of his assertions isn't of community-wide value. It's spam and it's annoying." by Isome

...More likely, Black people more so than Caucasians need to address this issue, the issue being respect for life, and/or the property of others...

The reality of it rebutts B.S., the B.S. being the misguided and erroneous views of Empty Purnata...........

"White people are dangerous and violent!

They developed the bomb and are the only ones to use it against another nation.

When they are frightened (read: the war on terrah) they will attack anyone and everyone who doesn't look like them in the name of being "safe". They will round up people from other nations and intern them in concentrated camps (WWII with the Aleuts and the Japanese & the current war on terrah). They will racially profile people of color and brutalize the innocent without shame.

When there is a chopped up body crime, most of the time the victim and perpetrator are white. I don't know how white people live with each other without fear knowing the brutality they can commit against each other.

When there is a murder for money, nine times out of ten the victim and initiator of the homicidal scheme are white.

When there is mass murder, most of the time the perpetrator is white.

When there is corporate crime (re: BoPal, mining cave in, etc.), you can bet dollars to doughnuts the individuals in charge are white.

When there is a serial poisoner, most of the time the perpetrator is white.

When there is a psychopathic, murderous caregiver (Dr. Swango or a nurse) I've only seen or read about white folks.

White on white crime is affecting us all in negative ways! Those people must address their issues with violence!!!" by Isome


"It is an adult move to have the last" by Kevin41

....and quite naturally:

1. when your name and good character are unwarrantedly distorted by others, it is an adult move to have the last word.

2. Known falsehoods are allowed to stand as being true....

....because if you don't refute, rebut, deny, disprove, speak up......

......speak up as if your last breath depended on it.....

.......then you are in tacit agreement with the material.


......since the author of the thread "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs", and/or the author's cohorts choose not to include both sides of this issue..... addition to say the least, indeed MBM, it would also be a plus to move this thread to the ? category. Better yet the thread should be erased entirely.

"Shut the hell up Frenchy...if I didn't like gays or was against their agenda i'd be proud to tell your azz just that. If you understand the context of my post, you would see that I said that gays tend to take their agenda and confound the issues that are related to people disconnected from them and their issue(s). You are the example of the kind of person i mentioned that when you say you are not against gays, they make you be someone against them anyway. If I say my stance on an issue is a certain way and say it specifically like I did, how are you able to take something I said in the past, give it the context you want it to have and present it as me contradicting myself? You must be one of those handsome azz pushy women......i'm just f-king with ya...i'm not a narrow minded sexist......but trust me...if i'm against something or do not like something, I do not mince words when letting the world know how I REALLY feel about will not have to clarify it for yes, just because I want the gays to keep their issues amongst themselves does not mean I am trying to stop them from doing anything...i do not care what they do or if they suceed or it?" by Kevin41 the notorious professor

....and it has been suggested that I be banned. More likely, let the readers draw their own conclusion as to who truly should be banned.
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