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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

"You can take your small cracks at what I think about my abilities and all that....but for years and years, you haven't been around to watch me burn the midnight fuck you....because I have told you stories of people that I knew were semi-illiterate that became scientists and engineers......people probably say that bullschit to them....but none of them were around to watch those individuals, struggle and put forth efforts towards their self-improvement that most others in their situation would not be motivated enough to do.

And by the way...I was certified by my parents and no fucking body else. They took the time to prepare me, told me what the fuck I had to get out there and do.....and approved of my efforts after the fact. Once that happened, my mindset was to say fuck afflicted negroes and warped inbred racists both and do my thing and get on down the road, and only affiliate myself with like-minded black people who truly have the interest of black people and advancement of the race in mind.

and as so far as lofton following my footsteps...I went from a teenager cutting yards and frying burgers at minimum wage to educate myself and be a engineer, professor, city administrator and consultant before for the fact the dumbazz cannot tell me how following me through life would have kept him in poverty, demonstrates how stupid he really is and is willing to sound. I could give a schit less about accomplishing any of it as a means to think i'm better than others but sometimes you just have to let people see how stupid they sound. All my life motherfuckers have been coming at me with some preconceived ass notion of lowered expectations on my part based on my gotdamn complexion. And as always, I have spent my whole life shoving their negative stereotypes up their azzes as a means to go back home and live with their personal inadequacies by their damn selves and not project them onto me. I am not trippin and do not even house any malice towards people in general....I just check their azzes on a situational basis and get on about my merry day with the normal crowd.....

" his hero started the momma game but now he's a victim.....that sounds like the inbred racists when they label affirmative action "reverse racism" without ever knowing that one has to acknowledge racism as the status quo to be technically correct........" by Kevin41"

******************** speaking of small crap, lies, garbage, or however it should be phrased, all of which originate from Kevin41, Empty Purnata, and/or others. Yep, it is not in my best interest to recommend that anyone of my loved ones, close friends, and/or associates, follow the lead of any of these misguided individuals.

nonsense such as......

"Get it Straight White Boy" by Nmaginate, a very erroneous and disrespectful comment meant for Constructive Feedback

"Or tell your momma to shut up because she talks too much and her time is up. That is quite a rule, isn't it?!" by Isome

Caucasians more so than Black people are reckless killers, have no respect for life, disregard the property rights of others, etc., etc. link to the thread introduced by Empty Purnata

Black on Black, etc., crime


"No problem Uppity Negress,

One just needs to see the ongoing dialogue from a couple of years worth of archives and see it is an exercise in futility.

****What I have learned is that once you find out the motivation behind a person's behavior, you are not distracted by the behavior itself and less inclined to become angry because of it. you understand what they are striving for as a goal, eliminate their possibility of accomplishing it...and go on about your merry day.

** I may not be able to change a fool...but I can sure manage my dammy........" by Kevin41


vs. the facts, reality, and truth

....same response.... which again, it is your choice, follow in the footsteps of a lying Kevin41, and you can be assured to remain in poverty...

...and since I strongly believe in the laws of this land, I don't make any attempt to justify criminal, illegal, and/or civil tort activity.

...instead it is better served to seek redress, as opposed to asking the perpetrators why they did it.

......more important than the why, is proving the facts of how that they did it. Last time I checked, more times than not, those individuals formerly and/or presently behind bars, are there because it was proven that they did it, meaning in fact the individual, or group of conspiring individuals, truly committed the crime, and/or civil tort violation.

...on the flip side, meaning in civil court, in any atrocity, where the government, private industry, and/or both, violate the lawful rights of any law abiding citizen or non-citizen, a citizen is more concerned in proving that the government, private industry, or otherwise, violated them, so that they can be compensated, The Rampart Scandal and Killer/Butcher King Hospital being two of many proven instances.

....and in order to be compensated for the serious violations of law, the atrocities of government, the atrocities of private industry, or otherwise, be it the citizen, a group of citizens, a Civil Rights advocate, any so-called Civil Rights Organization, and/or especially your so-called elected representatives must first place value in the laws of this land.

...but since it has been validated that far too often our own elected Black leadership, and that no good Black middleclass who praise them choose to be co-conspirators in the oppression of the innocent, the indigent, the victim(s).....

....the Black community will continue to remain in abject poverty!

It is so easy to rebutt the foolishness, lies, and distortions of the reality of it as express by Kevin41, Empty Purnata, and/or those of similar expression.
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