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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

You yourself have balked at many relative comparisons between blacks and whites on the basis of behaviors clustered around various socioeconomic levels, saying that you do not care about whites and you are only concerned about blacks.


Let me give you some CONTEXT to your statements above.

Inevitably there will be some over the top incident that a Black person or group of Blacks commit. Rather than condemn THIS PARTICULAR EVENT and clearly articulate how THIS EVENT HAS VIOLATED EVERYTHING THAT YOU BELIEVE.......

You (and my enemy Isome) will IMMEDIATELY do a web search and find and occassion in which WHITE FOLKS HAVE DONE THE SAME THING BUT THE OUTRAGE HAS NOT FOLLOWED.

So Kevin - does this benefit the Black victim of the attack that initiated your search - Nope.

Does this strategy allow the Black community to strengthen to make sure that this does not happen again - Nope

All this does is act as a CHECKMATE AGAINST WHITE FOLKS WHO MIGHT EXPRESS CRITICISM ABOUT THIS BEHAVIOR DONE BY BLACKS. This is yet another consequence of you (and Isome) being EXTERNALLY YOKED.

You all are not going to change until you are forced to live outside the fall back of an external government - just like the people of Pakistan face with their natural disaster.
We can look at Detroit, New Haven and other cities that are now run by PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU. A political advisor just wrote an article that the Black Mayor of New Haven CT should have JOB #1 OF GOING TO THE STATE GOVERNMENT AND DEMANDING MORE MONEY FOR THE PEOPLE LIVING IN HIS CITY.

I thought that a state grants city a charter because they have shown themselves to be self-sufficient, their incorporated state allowing their residents to gain more than if they were to remain unincorporated. The unincorporated area obtains services from the state (ie: state police) or from the county that they are contained in.

This supposed professor who wrote this piece can't seem to understand that his suggestion for seeking most of the city's resources from outside of the city boundaries is a contradiction in terms of what the city was organized for. They should consider de-incorporating. Of course to suggest this would have claims be made such as "They just want to disassemble a Black government so that they can control our resources".

Kevin - TACTICS that you use ARE NOT WORKING. The conditions on the ground among many Black people in this country should serve as a reminder of the FAILURE of many of your policies.. You may be strong with policies that have WHITE FOLKS to change so that they stop trampling over Black folks. YOU HAVE LITTLE OR NOTHING TO OFFER BLACK PEOPLE AS WE INTERACT WITH OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.

This will continue to be the primary failure in your ideology.