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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

You do not have the education or background to place an onus on me CF....I am waaay qualified to teach you a bunch of things before you can teach me schit

Here we go again folks.

KEVIN - Can you tell me WHO ON THIS BOARD has the qualifications to "TEACH YOU SCHIT"?

I know that you are intellectually SUPERIOR to most of us. The fact that you have been bestowed a the certification of "doctorate" by the American education which attempts to certify the KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING that a person acquires.

We all know that a Black man, having not finished high school and never gone to college - COULD GO TO THE LIBRARY FOR YEARS AND YEARS (as I see some homeless men in the main branch of the local library system do). They could read every book in the place. THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE NOT BEEN CERTIFIED BY THE SYSTEM LIKE YOU HAVE means that they will never get a job within the SYSTEM as you have.

You have assimilated into the system that you attack so frequently.

KEVIN - You are not the rebel that you pretend to be.

You have assimilated into this system and you are working to LIBERALIZE this system so that more Blacks can come in.

The funny thing is however - once these Black students get education into this same system and begin to challenge some of the flaws in your ideology YOU BEGIN TO CALL THEM "WHITE" when you were a part of the push to have them sit next to a White kid to get education.