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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

"Notice how they get longer as a way to be more behavioral science is something else........

**What I have learned is that once you find out the motivation behind a person's behavior, you are not distracted by the behavior itself and less inclined to become angry because of it. you understand what they are striving for as a goal, eliminate their possibility of accomplishing it...and go on about your merry day." by Kevin41


I pay Kevin41, etc., etc., no mind....

...because following in his footsteps would do nothing but keep me in poverty.

....again, back to the reality of it....

...and since I strongly believe in the laws of this land, I don't make any attempt to justify criminal, illegal, and/or civil tort activity.

...instead it is better served to seek redress, as opposed to asking the perpetrators why they did it.

......more important than the why, is proving the facts of how that they did it. Last time I checked, more times than not, those individuals formerly and/or presently behind bars, are there because it was proven that they did it, meaning in fact the individual, or group of conspiring individuals, truly committed the crime, and/or civil tort violation.

...on the flip side, meaning in civil court, in any atrocity, where the government, private industry, and/or both, violate the lawful rights of any law abiding citizen or non-citizen, a citizen is more concerned in proving that the government, private industry, or otherwise, violated them, so that they can be compensated, The Rampart Scandal and Killer/Butcher King Hospital being two of many proven instances.

....and in order to be compensated for the serious violations of law, the atrocities of government, the atrocities of private industry, or otherwise, be it the citizen, a group of citizens, a Civil Rights advocate, any so-called Civil Rights Organization, and/or especially your so-called elected representatives must first place value in the laws of this land.

...but since it has been validated that far too often our own elected Black leadership, and that no good Black middleclass who praise them choose to be co-conspirators in the oppression of the innocent, the indigent, the victim(s).....

....the Black community will continue to remain in abject poverty!
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