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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

"Nah Isome...those days of giving little mikey attention have fizzled down to nothing......what the hell...i made a decent effort up front to communicate so to hell with it......i read some of the old posts Ricardo chronicled and I was really too damn diplomatic in the first place...just takes a minute to figure it out when you trying to give a fool the benefit of the doubt. Remember when I said so in the thread about New Years resolutions? Well as you can see today is the 7th.....once I get my mind set on accomplishing something in terms of modifying my own behavior, it doesn't take long to go ahead and, bullshit & nonsense is easier to fade than most things in habits and other weaknesses we may have as humans." by Kevin41

"If KEVIN wants to act like an adult WHO IS A POLITICAL SCIENCE PROFESSOR WITH A DOCTORATE I am more than willing to deal." by CF

* I'm not a political science professor dumbazz...I teach over 15 different courses in business admin, public admin and technology management.....can you read and comprehend? You tend to paint people with YOUR're not educated enough to do so..

And if you want to place the onus on me in terms of behaviors, act like my students in my masters and doctorate programs and answer questions factually and non-rhetorically, provide factual support to your statements and learn the concepts associated with policy analysis in terms of intent, working components and measurable outcomes and the concepts of intended and unintended consequences of political actions. You do not have the education or background to place an onus on me CF....I am waaay qualified to teach you a bunch of things before you can teach me schit.....if you do not believe, just show up at an interview of mine and try to compete. It is funny, you sound like those hypocritical church whites and blacks who do whatever in the fuck they want then hide behind the bible like some self-righteous motherfucker and cop a judgemental posture towards others....fuck you and that bullshit you are talking....and remember, checking an ignorant azz fool in a likewise manner does not dimminish my ability to perform academically. You cannot relate to everyone in an intelligent manner that is respectful...when I tried that with graduation rates and policy measurements as a way to determine EFFECTIVENESS I was given all kind of diversionary bullshit and a synopsis of what kinda negro I am.....that in itself does not respect my academic background or my efforts to provide research that respects the intelligence of others....and with that in mind, what am I supposed to do, be someone's fucking whipping'se niggas are crazy if you think you'll ever establish that type of arrangement with ain't get what you if you want me to sound like a professor....act like a grad and your crazy homie both...." by Kevin41


Ka Ching, long as the dollars keep rolling.....

....more likely Empty Purnata, ricardomath, and Kevin41 are full of it..... this is punishment...

punishment for wrong and foolish actions truly deserved., I choose not to go this direction, and slim chance exists, where I will be punished for anything that I truly did.......

.....There is nothing that a Kevin41 can do that will ruin me, punish me, ruin my good reputation, etc., etc.

..haven't sustained any losses, be it financial, or otherwise, thus what you have classed as being punishment has been absolutely, positively, no denying it, no mistaking it,....truly painless to me.

Slim chance that a Kevin41, or otherwise can publish anything that sticks that will compromise, defame, and/or ruin my outstanding character!!!

I still hold my assets. I'm walking free. My conscience is clear. I have no criminal record. It has yet to be seen where such a publication will have Michael Lofton as being the subject of infamous activity.

I must admit, success has been good. This being said, keep on dreaming.....

.....Plus, neither a Kevin41, or otherwise have the lawful power and/or legal authority to send a Michael Lofton to any mental instituion.

Be it a Kevin41, Empty Purnata, art gurl, etc., your views, wishes, thoughts, etc., have little relevance, because unlike me, you are not a constituent of this area, thus your contentions are meaningless.

Reads very clear to me. Since clearly these individuals are not constituents of a South Central Los Angeles, Compton, etc., your input has little relevency to the situation, the situation being.....

...It is crystal clear to more than just a few individuals as to what point is being made here....

...the same or similar response, the response being..... need to. Illegal immigrant no good serving foreign interests at the expense of the citizens of Compton, South Central Los Angeles Congressman Merv Dymally is not worthy of the respect due an elected representative. The same can be said for no good in violation of the Los Angeles County Charter 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Brentwood Burke, caught with his pants down while having lewd sex with a prostitute in a government owned vehicle California State Assemblyman Kevin Murray, no good serving her family at the expense of the taxpayer's Kerosene Waters, the Yellow Journal in the Los Angeles Sentinel that couldn't publish factual evidence about the truly law abiding if the information was given to them verbatim, etc., etc.

Respect is earned. Unlike a Kevin41, an Empty Purnata, etc., etc., who are not a part of this constituency,., I have the right to condemn, because:

A. I'm a law abiding, voting, and taxpaying constituent of the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles 2nd County District, and/or the State of California.

B. Elected officials are public servants sworn under oath to uphold the law.

C. These individuals have used false pretenses to hold elected office, and/or deception to derive financial gain at the expense of taxpayers.

D. They have each trashed or ignored legitimate petitions for redress from their constituency, which is the height of incompetence of the part of any elected official, which means they are not worthy of anything less than a derogatory adjective that precedes Congress person, Assemblyperson, County Supervisor, etc., etc. Basically known despots are not worthy of respect in any regard.

E. The Los Angeles Sentinel has yet to retract falsehoods, apologize, and/or set the record straight as it applies to publishing known falsehoods about members of the Black community.

Last but not least, again, I only give credit where it is due, to which none of these individuals are worthy of my respect. Respect must be earned.
This would be especially the case in the relationship between a public servant and his or her constituency!


Michael Lofton