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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

See what I mean everyone? This guy is trying to pull on emotional heartstrings in others that are not even there. You all are too preoccupied with your own lives to let what anyone say in a message board have a bearing on you and negatively affect your mentality. Now I specifically outlined the relative comparisons and all I get is a hateful response that is supposed to elicit anger from me. Well, that is not going to happen. The other tactic Lofton employs, which someone else (EP, I think) says is childish and indicative of trying to have the last word.

Well, in the spirit of conveying concepts and principles associated with organizational and human behavior, there is a different motive Lofton is trying to fullfill that is very transparent to me but maybe stealthy to him. When I make a substantial post in an intelligent manner that will be impossible for him to rebut, he always posts an inflammatory message that does not address the particulars of what I posted and serves several purposes (in his feeble little mind only).

1. It is his attempt to have the last word as EP stated when describing childish behavior.

2. The infammatory nature of his posts is intended to distract from the content of the previous post that cannot rebut. Based on the hateful nature of his posts, an appropriate response would be emotional and inflammatory and therefore sucessfully take the discussion away from the points he cannot rebut or renders his statements moot.

3. In the spirit of blast emailing, his posts and long and distracting and by always being the last post in a thread, tends to hide the post of the person he intends to suppress, kinda like a get-it-lost-in-the-crowd-of-messages approach.

**What I have learned is that once you find out the motivation behind a person's behavior, you are not distracted by the behavior itself and less inclined to become angry because of it. you understand what they are striving for as a goal, eliminate their possibility of accomplishing it...and go on about your merry day.

**Maybe i'll start a user guide to help new progressive brothers and sisters see up front what they are dealing with when they engage with these know like a users manual.

**I could call it "Self-hating Negroes and BlkCONS for Dummies" the model of those self-help books already published, not calling the users themselves dummies........