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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

Originally posted by UppityNegress:]
you think it is ok for a dominate power to systematically provide inadquate services to a whole sector of society?

There have been plenty of studies done on racial disparities on medical treatment. SOME have shown that even Black practitioners provide a lower standard of care to Black patients.

In my view it has to do with the amount of insurance that is available to the individual based on the job that they work, the general standard of the medical facility itself (as compared to one in a more wealthy facility and YES plain ole racism.

Michael has documented the tale of shoddy medical care at MLK Hospital in Los Angeles (Killer King

I DO NOT SUPPORT a majority force having a different standard for a minority in applying medical care.

The fact is, however, that just like with public schools - people are inclined to focus on maintaining high standard for facilities that they are inclined to use - those in their community and expect others to do activisim for their own facilities. Those with money are going to be able to inject these funds at home.