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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

Originally posted by UppityNegress: after study has also shown that when all factors are controlled for, Blacks consistently get worse care than our counterparts. We are less likely to be given potentially life saving drugs, less likely to underg potentially life-saving surgeries/treatments, less likely to receive adequate aftercare ...Remember, this is still the case even when controlling for isurance and ability to pay.

A couple years back I was discussing an AMA report that, in addition to the issues delineated in your post, showed:
    "...African Americans are more likely to be denied authorization by their primary care physician, even after adjusting for severity of symptoms. The cause of this association is unclear, but raises substantial concerns about the equity with which gatekeeping is practiced.

  • The findings could represent a difference in severity of illness that was inadequately measured by a triage score.
  • The race differential could be due to racism on the part of the ED providers or primary care physicians.
  • Alternatively, the findings could represent unmeasured racial differences in communication patterns, relationships to doctors, or the quality of doctors."

This is not new (1990 was the first published report I'd seen as an adult), and the fact that some of our ethnicity are prone to internalize the disparagement/hostility of others so much so that these issues are new news to them, is indicative of how deeply down the rabbit hole they have fallen.'s not clear if they can ever get up out of there, or if they even want to do so!