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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs""

Originally posted by Isome:
'Groids get theirs and cringe to see those who haven't, because it reminds them that they could be in that position at any time they fall out of favor with their handlers. As a result they bitch and moan constantly about those less fortunate because their very existence is a reminder of what could happen if...


Apparently for Condoleeza Rice, J.C. Watts, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Ward Connerly, "Rev." Jesse Lee Peterson, Juan Williams and Clarence Thomas; Affirmative Action was just fine WHEN THEY BENEFITTED FROM IT.

Now that they have "made it" up the ladder, they want to kick it down so other Blacks can't use it. They want to be the only House Negroids in Massa's house. They can't have other Negroids stealing their spotlight!

Got-damn Kneegrows. They can't stand Affirmative Action because they claim it's "racist" against YT, but White Skin Hiring Privilege is a White-American prerogative in their eyes. "Massa deserves to be hired! Yes'suh! His people don' own aw 'de bin'ness, so he's can do what he wonts tuh! But niggras can't do that, no'suh! Massa said we'se all lazy and need to prove awe'selves, and I'se stand by's him 'cuz he pats me on 'de head and gives me 'de pig legs!" [Said with greasy, chicken-eating grin]

Got-damn Kneegroids. I have to say, Chris Rock's words ring true, "There's Black folks, and then there's niggers." And Blk-CONS are some damn niggers (and not "nigga", I mean "nigger", with an "er").