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Reply to "Negroes who defend the status quo once they've "gotten theirs"" speaking of defending the status quo, more likely this fits our disgraceful elected representatives and/or an inept Black middleclass more so than any Black conservative....

"House Negroes can't back-up a prayer of a chance in any benefit as to AA benefitting a Michael Lofton because I only give credit where it is due....." AA has done about as much or less for me..... a no good Reverend Henry Lyons, and snake oil saleman Reverend Jesse Jackson, Brentwood Burke, Merv Dymally, Kerosene Waters, etc., etc.,, etc., etc., have been true vanguards in the interest of the Black community!

....AA has yet to benefit me, and again I only give credit where it is due....

...the same or similar response, the response being..... need to. Illegal immigrant no good serving foreign interests at the expense of the citizens of Compton, South Central Los Angeles Congressman Merv Dymally is not worthy of the respect due an elected representative. The same can be said for no good in violation of the Los Angeles County Charter 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Brentwood Burke, caught with his pants down while having lewd sex with a prostitute in a government owned vehicle California State Assemblyman Kevin Murray, no good serving her family at the expense of the taxpayer's Kerosene Waters, the Yellow Journal in the Los Angeles Sentinel that couldn't publish factual evidence about the truly law abiding if the information was given to them verbatim, etc., etc.

Respect is earned. Unlike a Kevin41, an Empty Purnata, etc., etc., who are not a part of this constituency,., I have the right to condemn, because:

A. I'm a law abiding, voting, and taxpaying constituent of the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles 2nd County District, and/or the State of California.

B. Elected officials are public servants sworn under oath to uphold the law.

C. These individuals have used false pretenses to hold elected office, and/or deception to derive financial gain at the expense of taxpayers.

D. They have each trashed or ignored legitimate petitions for redress from their constituency, which is the height of incompetence of the part of any elected official, which means they are not worthy of anything less than a derogatory adjective that precedes Congress person, Assemblyperson, County Supervisor, etc., etc. Basically known despots are not worthy of respect in any regard.

E. The Los Angeles Sentinel has yet to retract falsehoods, apologize, and/or set the record straight as it applies to publishing known falsehoods about members of the Black community.

Last but not least, again, I only give credit where it is due, to which none of these individuals are worthy of my respect. Respect must be earned.
This would be especially the case in the relationship between a public servant and his or her constituency!


Michael Lofton


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