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Reply to "Nationalism VS Assimilation"

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
why do you try to insult people like that. What person would only read one person's book. There are many many Nationalist out there. Whats wrong wih Diop, what was he wrong about. But to minimize all the work so many brothers and sistas have done for African people is very insulting. How about Clarke, Chancelor Williams, JA Rogers, Wade Nobels, Amos Wilson etc etc

Would you please react to what people actually write??


I didn't say anything was wrong with Diop or any of these other people you cite...

My point was that you can't have respectable or even reliable black scholarship that relies only on black scholars.


Pay atention to what I say please...

Before you again misinterpret me,

You couldn't have respectable American scholarship that ignored relevant French, or Japanese, or Senegalese scholarship... for example...

Ideas are not so easily contained...

There has never been a great civilization that didn't borrow and learn from other civilizations.