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Reply to "Nationalism VS Assimilation"

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
Finally the Right to Self Determination is in no way simply doing the opposite of white folks. Nationalism believes in the Africans abilities to use their own culture their own heritage and their own ideology to battle this system of white Supremacy. To simply take on the characteristics of the European does not make you Progressive, regurgitating their definitions and trying to apply them to the conditions of African people does not work. We simply believe that as African people we can use our own minds to restablish our "Stolen Legacy"

In theory, I completely agree with everything you just said... but my problem comes with the way the typical Nationalist usually carries this out...

You can always see it coming when they start shouting down the "intellectuals" and those who accept "European definitions". They've only read a few books - Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, or Cheikh Anta Diop maybe - and then conveniently forget that Anta Diop was educated in European institutions and used European originated ideas and methodologies to carry out his work.

Again, Nationalists think we can assert or discover our culture by simply denying the European - again Reactionary - not thinking - just reacting....

Nationalist tend to have this naive idea of a "lost" or "stolen" knowledge and don't seem to realize that knowledge is less like gold (which can be hoarded, maintains its value, and can be stolen) and more like contemporary currency (when wisely invested, it increases its value through time).

The truth is that gaining knowledge is hard and it won't be done by ignoring Europe altogether.