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Reply to "Nationalism VS Assimilation"

Originally posted by ZAKAR:
How can nationalism be conformity? its Revolutionary, Reactionary? Anyone who has been enslaved or colonized have to be reactionary because they are following an action that has already taken place. How can you be proactive when an action has already been taken against you. No as far as The NOI, im not it in but i many friends nad family in it. The thing about the Nation, it builds self sufficient diciplined men, who contribute positively to the black community. These are the brothers in the roughest of the rough neiborhoods doing good, who else has filled that void. The thing about so called intellectuals their rubber never meets the road, they just talk. until you get in the streets and deal with issues of our people, you have no place to criticize people doing good work in the community

Nationalism is reactionary because it doesn't think out its own agenda/strategy... It 'reacts'.... It just says "Let's do the opposite of whitey"

Whitey says Jesus is a dead white man... So NOI says the Christ is a living black man.

Whitey says we are the bringers of Civilization... The reactionary says No, we originated civilization

Whitey says black folk are savages ...So the reactionaries adopt super puritanical morality

Whitey says x ... The reactionary says the opposite of x

That's not thinking... it's reacting... and letting someone else determine your agenda indirectly.
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