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Reply to "Nation of Islam-KKK Konnection: fact or fiction?"

I had written a response earlier but lost it in a glitch. Well... before I add my two cents check this out:
The LaRouche Cult and the Nation of Islam

The professional bigots of the Nation of Islam (NOI) and the Lyndon LaRouche organization have recently revived an ad hoc alliance to advance their attack on Jews and Jewish
organizations. They have held joint programs and street demonstrations to vilify the Anti-Defamation League for allegedly fostering the AIDS epidemic, promoting drugs and violence, and "attacking" black leaders. Much of their rhetoric has been confrontational and violence prone. The two fired a new incendiary salvo recently, suggesting that ADL is somehow involved in a plot to kill Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Yeah ... right!!! I can see it! A White Supremacy group longing for the days of strong Black, militant leadership... lol

... Oh. I forgot to say I did a simple search:
>> NOI KKK meeting and got a number of sites <<