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Reply to "NAACP Chair Renews Attack on Conservatives"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:
Section 4(a) of the Voting Rights Act of 1965;


I printed Section 4 of the VRA and read it over my lunch break. I say unconditionally - ANY PERSON who opposes this section of the VRA is unAmerican.

If you can find me a Black person who opposes this I will lead a one man attack against him, regardless of his ideology.

There SHOULD NOT be any device used or test (poll tax, literacy, history or otherwise) required for someone to express their right to vote.

Not only do they oppose it with the addition of Section 4 J(a)(8) which terminates it, but they do not do the same for 18-year olds nor women. Both piggybacked on the law to protect their right to vote.

The list of people ia almost endless.

Ronald Reagan initially proposed in 1982 to the Senate that the section be terminated. Bush I was Vice-President

Orrin Hatch R-Ut along with [B]Jesse Helms R-NC concocted the section in 1982


Hilary Shelton Chief of the Baltimore Branch of the NAACP

Ted 'I-forget-his-name' Chief Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Jesse Jackson, Sr

All of the Congressional Black Caucus

All of the leadership of the NAACP

All of the United States Senate

All of the United States House of Representatives.

Support for the termination of this protection cuts across all lines.

And...most of us sit quietly by watching it happen.

Some of us actually defend it as 'alright'.



Jim Chester