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Reply to "NAACP Chair Renews Attack on Conservatives"

Are you familiar with the NAACP's legislative report card they give politicians from BOTH parties?

Yes I am very familiar with the NAACP Legislative Report card. I laugh at it each year that it comes out.

My donations to the UNCF and Urban League put me on the NAACP mailing list. I also laugh each year that Julian Bond sends out his "NAACP Opinion Poll". Of course it is multiple choice with a long list of SLANTED questions. They just so happen to have a donation card at the end of the poll with a message to the effect of "Help us stop the radical right wing from taking away the civil liberties of Black people".

I have yet to donate a dime.

It is interesting that YOU are under the view that whatever the NAACP stands for that it must represent the best interests of Black people.

Of course you are a liberal and you have it out for those Blacks who are not.

When I see Jesse Jackson's weekly article in a local free paper he is listed on the "Left Side" section of the "Rightside/ Leftside" section. I guess I as a Black man should believe that the only Real Black people are Liberal Black people.

It took a meeting of national rights groups that included NOW, Lambda Legal Defense League, ACLU and a few others for me to realize that the NAACP has lost it's way of late and is not in the cluster of other left wing groups and is virtually indistinguishable.

For the first time in the organizations history it has taken a position on abortion. In it's slant toward the left it has left behind it's strong church roots and has adopted a more secular/left wing ideology than ever before.

I support the Urban League. I can't support the NAACP nor NAACP Legal Defense Fund in their current forms. My shredder loves the taste of their mailings.