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Reply to "NAACP Chair Renews Attack on Conservatives"

black conservatives seem to want to take away the protections gained and live off of trust and acceptance

Can you detail for me what about the "White liberal" that has him to be so "down with the brothers"?

It is interesting that when I put up the numbers about the "Turning Point" of a neighborhood, which is the percentage of influx of non-Whites into a community that they begin to depart. The rate is 42% non-white.

What is interesting is that this takes place across the board, regardless of ideology.

You have the White Homosexual community, otherwise Liberal who are RACIST as they demand that the greater society not discriminate against them.

I am not getting your war on Black Conservatives. In my recent research there are approximately 10,000 Black Elected Officials in America today. I would bet that less than 10% of them would classify themselves as Republicans or Black Conservatives.

Yet despite this FACT you, Faheem, Noah and plenty other folks spend most of your time fighting against these few individuals rather than inspecting what PEOPLE WHO YOU ACTUALLY VOTED FOR are doing.