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Reply to "NAACP Chair Renews Attack on Conservatives"

President Bush has turned down five invitations to attend NAACP gatherings, including this year's, and Bond on Sunday invited Bush to the next one, in Washington.


Can we be honest for a second?

Do you think that Bush is stupid enough not to know who his political opposition is?

He met with the Congressional Black Caucus in the early part of this year.

The fruit of that meeting was the claim that he did not know what the Voting Rights Act was and other negative points. I was disappointed that one of the "statesmen" in the CBC (Rangel or Cummings) didn't put a public statement such as "although our disagreements with the President's policies are well known we look forward to working with the administration, having the door open to us in the White House in the future so that we can let our positions be known and favorably shape proposals coming from this White house".

Instead these CBC members went in as Democrats who are Black, attempting to stick it to the "opposition president" with the hopes that "one of their own" (Democrat) will one day replace him.

Why should a politician who is attempting to leverage his power into getting reelected or others elected submit himself to such stacked deck? I beg you to find one politician on the "other side" (meaning your side) who would do as some folks expect Bush to do.

The fact that it is the NAACP as some magical reference that if you "diss the NAACP" then you "diss" all Black people is flawed. The NAACP has taken off it's "Red Cross" from it's helmet and picked up a rifle to start firing in the war.

I look hopefully at their new President who is a business man rather than a politician or a civil rights leader who's claim to fame is that he "Marched with MLK" but has done little else since will reorient the organization.
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