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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
Originally posted by IMMORTAL LOGIC:
No. That not true at all. The Lemba people to the south, Bet Yisrael to the east, And more the one ancient arab historian that refers to the hebrews migrating sub-saharan, Or detailing capturing hebrew peoples in africa and forcfully converting them to islam. You might want to look farther into this statement.

LOL...I feel like I am debating one of my Rastafarian friends...Before they knew better. But you are now being a trickster...The Lemba people are from the area that is now referred to as Zimbabwe. The Beta Isreal are in/from Ethiopia(and they are confused enough to think that their "home" is the modern Zionist state of Isreal!)...The Beta Isreal had the Torah...but the Lemba didn't have any Helio Biblio...just similar practices. Niether areas, or their people were involved in the trans atlantic slave trade that got us diasporans here...and you know this!...So why prey tell did you mention them? Tisk, tisk...You knew niether were our direct Western African ancestors...

Okay, everything I've ever read or heard on the lemba people, they always stated that they were from Yemen originally, or hebrew communities from egypt. they also have stated that their sacred text were destroyed by arabs. So no, I'm not a "trickster" your just wrong, sis. And don't mistake Ethiopian hebrews desperation with confusion. And the fact still remains that Ethiopia and Nubia were already studying old and new scriptures while the majority of europe were still with their tribal deities. The point is, africans had these text in there posession long before europeans. And their are still historians who track the migration of hebrew from east to west. The lemba people. West african women claims her hebrew roots I put more up later...if you want.

Everything you mentioned in your post is a form of validating African spirituality and cultural practice by connecting ourselves to spirituality via the Helio Biblio. Most of the websites(and books...which I have read most) on the secret societies and mystery systems have the same Euro-centric flaw...which is understandable because most are created and ran by Europeans, and most other sites referrance the historical work of Europeans/Arabs without identifying their biases and capitalist/imperialist agernda for re-writing or emphasizing and ommitting certain hisotical info...I don't expect them(Euros and Arabs) to take their own cultural and motivational blinders off(although I know Europeans that have) BUT WE DEFINATELY MUST! you have proof of these societies being knock offs, or are you just stating opinion again?

The Lemba are seeing THEIR practices as similar to Judaism...when it is actually the reverse.

Are these your words & opinions, or theirs? because if it's their I'd really love to read it

Here's a good site...I'll post other referances if you are truly interested...But I suggest reading Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, he'll clear it all up for you.(and save me a ton of typing...which honestly I won't do until you read further) He was born a Beta Isreal, he is a 360 degree initiate into "the Craft" of Luxor, as well as an Egyptologist and Biblical scholar...He is a wise man and NOTHING, no site, no book I have ever read, or person I have met compares with him or his works on ancient African history and spirituality.

You still haven't answered my questions, have you read The Papyrus of Ani? And if not, why not? It was written around 4100 B.C.E...

Are you even familiar with the spiritual systems of Western Africa? Ask yourself why you aren't, if you aren't.

We are the mothers and fathers of this all...We need to stop studying our children's version of things and get back to our homework assigned by our ancestors. Study the MDW NTR it is the Zep Tepi of everything you speak of.

Like I said disrespect, but dialoguing with someone who clings on to the Biblical perspective frustrates the hell out of me. But it takes me back though...When I used to listen to the Black Isrealistes and Rastafarians preach to passer-bys on Venice Beach as a child...ahhhhh, memories...

One thing though. I see you are on the right track...keep searching.
Thank you for the site I'm going to start reading when I get in.If the papri of ani isn't there I'll do an engine search and give you my opinion later. But as for my "blinders", just because one disagrees with you doesn't mean they have blinders on. The "proof text" I provided are anything but biblical. But but still verify the bible. To me it seems you are the one who dismisses all writings from various sources if they don't fit your beliefs with little to to verify those claims (i.e.blinders). Like I said I have quotes from ancient historians (non biblical)as well as numerous illuminati factions to back up all I say