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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:

It's hard to discuss what you have brought up because you aren't looking at anything outside of the Biblical goggles. This is circular logic IMO.

First off...When I refer to Egypt/KMT I am talking about the African civilization that has predated papyri that the Hebrews obviousely derived a lot of their mythology from...

The fact you could use literal and historical Biblical logic to state that the Egyptian Neteru were copies of the LATER RECOREDED Biblical/Hebrew characters is laughable IMO(no offense)...It demonstrates how, even when there is irrifutable evidence prooving which culture predates the other...The Biblical blinders are still on our people.

The Hebrews version of things would not actually admit that another culture originated their own principles...

This is the beauty of my "proof text". not only DO they have a biased , it is an EXTREME bias against everything I believe. But still validate them. Two outside sources (of which there are many) without "biblical blinders",confirming the same story of my sacred teachings. If you'd like to know what your doing right, listen to the slander of your enemies. And like the saying goes "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." So my enemy tells me I'm on the right track.

As far as the Masonic, Priory of Sion, Knights Templars, Roscicrucian,...a.k.a EUROPEAN "perversions"(IMO)

But do you have any evidence to back this up? Every book and website I've ever seen agree that the freemasons can be traced back to about the time the tower of babel was built by Nimrod (so god could not flood them out again). I've read their journals of the birth of Thutmoses IV and they are HIGHLY detailed. As are most of their writings. so if you have an other source that sats different, put it up. I would be MOST interested in reading it for myself. And how is it that an amalgam of secret societies, which have been around in one form or another for milliniems,working on one single goal and spending a near myriad amount of money, and now fall under/ and including the Illuminati can "steal" so much from ancient Kemet but never discovered that the god that wage war against(documented proof, again, mostly in their own words), the sworn enemy of their "god" was just a mythical "Water god" of a childlike religion. You dont really believe them so stupid and ilinformed do you? And if so, can you put up some resources. I put up my sources with the deliberate purpose of scrutiny. So now I would like to do the same. The only reason I put up the few sources I did is because I get between 3-4 a.m. on average, I have a host more of resources if you don't care for those two. And put up your source on babylon lerning from kemet everything I read was the opposite. And just so you have general info most people in the occult refer to there practices as "mystery systems" not because it IS a mystery.

On top of all of this...Our (if you are a diaspora born African) ancestors DID NOT have the Bible until the colonizers and enslavers came... And I personally don't think they needed it(of course)...Now why aren't we studying the spiritual systems of our direct ancestors?

No. That not true at all. The Lemba people to the south, Bet Yisrael to the east, And more the one ancient arab historian that refers to the hebrews migrating sub-saharan, Or detailing capturing hebrew peoples in africa and forcfully converting them to islam. You might want to look farther into this statement.

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