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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"


It's hard to discuss what you have brought up because you aren't looking at anything outside of the Biblical goggles. This is circular logic IMO.

First off...When I refer to Egypt/KMT I am talking about the African civilization that has predated papyri that the Hebrews obviousely derived a lot of their mythology from... The one most lay Biblical scholars are familiar with. This is strictly for ease of discussion.

I could go on ad infinum about the Great Lakes region and Nile valley complex peoples and cultural/spiritual systems that KMT was based upon(The Kemetic texts give ommage to the Twa peoples from "up" the Nile, Up actually being South in their world view. Check the neteru Bes as the archetype). The problem is NONE of these systems are studied by our people as valid because the highly manipulated Bible says they are "evil" ect... Have you read the papyrus of Ani? If not why not? Isn't it only fair to compare different spiritual systems by actually studying them?...ESPECIALLY when they are African systems...Now, why don't our people do that? Hhhmmmm...Let's take a wild guess.

The fact you could use literal and historical Biblical logic to state that the Egyptian Neteru were copies of the LATER RECOREDED Biblical/Hebrew characters is laughable IMO(no offense)...It demonstrates how, even when there is irrifutable evidence prooving which culture predates the other...The Biblical blinders are still on our people.

The Hebrews version of things would not actually admit that another culture originated their own principles...Most cultures won't do that...even though in the ancient world, many cultures actually validated themselves by associating themselves with the Kemetic peoples...

It reminds me of when certain people say Elvis is the King of Rock n Roll... What people are saying this? The victors...the ones in control..the same folk that oppress us. Elvis came later, we all know that... Now, if the current victors remain in control for a couple hundred years, and contiue to rewrite and supress the true history of Rock 'n Roll...I can guarantee, all of a sudden, Elvis will be the originator...while we will be the copiers...Sound familiar?... It's already happening to a large extent... It is much like the Hebrew version of things...But we refuse to akcnowledge this very simple fact. Because the people who teach history like to inoctrinate us with their version. And because we are trying to connect ourselves and validate ourselves through them and remain stuck in the Helio Biblio, that we refuse to think outside of the box.

As far as the Masonic, Priory of Sion, Knights Templars, Roscicrucian,...a.k.a EUROPEAN "perversions"(IMO) of the ancient Kemetic "mystery systems" (and who would they be a mystery too but outsiders?)...Mixed with the Babylonian (and other cultures) LATER adaptations of the Kemetic mystery systems...That's a whole different subject...and former obsession of mine. That I can ONLY discuss with those who look at things outside of the Biblical perspective...No offense...but anything else would frustrate me to no end...

On top of all of this...Our (if you are a diaspora born African) ancestors DID NOT have the Bible until the colonizers and enslavers came... And I personally don't think they needed it(of course)...Now why aren't we studying the spiritual systems of our direct ancestors?

I had to study the Kemetic and other Nile Valley cultures to break my head out of the Biblical bond... Plus I find it interesting to deconstruct the Euro-centric version of his-tory. But IMO I, nor my people should have had too...It was a stepping stone in my development. But "we" came from West Africa for God's sake! Now how many people know ANYTHING about the traditions of our people DIRECTLY before we were captured? And what kind of mentality prevents us from wanting to know?
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