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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
And since the very Helio Biblio is the product of this distortion of the original African teachings...Then how can it be taken literally?

P.S. Moses("Mose" is a Kemetic/Egyptian title by the way) was learned in all the ways of Egypt per the Helio Biblio...So are we supposed to believe he came up with similar principles that he was learned in(Ma'at) on his own?

I tried to keep on truckin' and and handle some stuff, but this just kept gnawing in the back of my head so... The problem with this is, for one people go on the the notion that the whole of hebrew culture & religion began with Moses, which it did not. the offcial state records and laws as you might say, was given to moses were given to Moses. hebrew religion existed both before Moses & out of Egypt. The name of YAH is used in the names of hebrews long before Moses, And Gen 43:32 tells that the The egyptian would not sit with Yacob (jacob) or his brothers because they were hebrew also before the time of Moses.

The other point is, People tend to go on this notion that everything began with Egypt, which is not the case. Egypt, or khemet, came out of a larger society that covered the majority of Africa, which the bible states and science supports. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but there's a documentary that comes on Discovery science channel from time to time, called "Mystery of the Black Mummy" about a mummy of a little boy that predates egypt. And science has found that egypt, does in fact come out of a larger society. Egypt even acknowledged others before them. Popular opinion is because Egypt was a country, while the hebrews were still nomadic herders, that egypt was a society first. Which is not the case. Egypt could have just as easily been influenced by hebrew ways. Or, they could've been recounting the same events. Except one, was recorded before the other being that hebrews were mostly illiterate nomads passing tradition orally. But was that the case?

The bible tells us that Ham begat cush, and Cush begat Nimrod. And that Nimrod was "a mighty hunter BEFORE the Lord" or as some biblical scholars believe the word "paniym" or "before" actually translates into "against". So Nimrod(or "Ninus" as was his name to some) was the "mighty hunter AGAINST the lord" who as the bible states, founded many cities one of which was babel. Now, Flavius Josepus, in "The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus" remarked in great detail, That I'm to tired to type out that "Nimrod who had excited an affront and contempt on god". And Alexander Hislops clssic book "The Two Babylons"states that the egyptians worshiped him as Osiris(p.20-22),And as Thammuz in later babylonian. Him, along with his father Cush,(Who was "hermes" to the greeks) the son of Ham, the book also says were woshiped under many names, Bel, Baal, Thoth etc. Now The Two babylons(p.25)tells us that "Her" in ancient chaldee is synonomous with Ham or Khem. And "Mes" shows geneaology to an applied name in both chaldee and egyptian, like "Ramese" is "son of RA" So who was right who was wrong? Whom distorted whom?

I'm going to assume that you know who the Freemasons are, and that they've practiced many forms of occults, as far back as anyone can recall. Especially Egyptian and Babylonian. A quote from "The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Kindred science" by Albert G. Mackey 33 degree p.322. "Hermes in,all the old manuscript, records, which contain the legend of the craft, mention is made of hermes as being one of the founders of Masonry." He goes on to say "He found one of the two pillars of the stone, and found the science written therein and taught it to other men" and "the egyptians called him Thoth". Same book vol.2 p.518 "The legend of the craft in the old constitutions refer to Nimrod as one of the founders of Masonry". Now this is a independent party to this discussion, who've studied and kept secret the "secret sciences & mysteries" as they say, now they validate The existence of Biblical figures being distorted into Egyptian deities.

A breif history of Albert Pike. Albert Pike was 33 degree Mason, (now the thing is here is, the higher your "degree" with masons the more secrets are revealed) Confederate general, and honored by masons as "The Prince Adept, mystic,poet and scholar of Freemasonry". Though described as not a very good general, he is the only confederate general to receive a statue on federal property in D.C. for his work as a Freemason. And according to "The Encyclopidia of Religion and Ethics" vol.12 p.204 he was also the head of a group of luciferians known as the "Pallaidst",who were said to adore lucifer, who was the foe of ADONAI YAHWEH, he was also the Freemasons. As well as head of the Illuminati in the U.S. and head of all things theosophical overall in the Illuminati(I'm going to also assume you know of them, if not do an engine search). So to keep it short he was head to all secrets, of both the Illuminati and Freemasons. Let's see what he had to say in his book "Morals and Dogma",(p.13). "Our fathers of the north woshipped Odin the All father, Frea the mother, And Thor the son. the mediator. But above all of these was the supreme god the author of all that existth,The eternal the ancient the living and awful being, that searchth for the concealed things..." He goes on to say on page 375. "In all the histories of the gods & heroes lay couched and hidden astronomical details and the histories of the perations of visible nature; and those in turn were head of a higher profounder truths. None but the rude, uncultivated intellects could long concider the sun the stars and power of nature divine. Fit objects of human worship." There, in his own words, the head of the Freemasons,Illuuminati, and the palladist head master of all things occult for his time, admitting that all other gods (but the one he and the illuminati loaths) are all fronts for lucifer. Again, one entity with many voices. All sources are listed, and there page numbers for verifacation.