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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Originally posted by IMMORTAL LOGIC:
Hey fagunwa, yeah it's definietly...flavorful. but accurate as far as I see. I guess it wouldn't seem as strange to me, being that our conclusions,and reasons for, mirrored each others. Sorry you did'nt find the answers to your questions. I forgot to warn you that it was a looong read. So I'll give you the breif rundown.

**taking deep breath** Abraham the patriarch of the hebrews, is from an area that ancient historians and ruins confirm, were once black domain. I'm sure I don't have to tell you the ancient egyptians were black. To Moses, were were given the first four books of scripture. Moses, was passed off by the eyptian royal family as a member of their house. Now, if moses were not black african, but indeed white, or anything else, it would/could not be believed by anyone. A religion, given to a people, of black african origin, makes that religion, black african in origin.

Romans who once occupied Yirael, and others who knew The people of Yisrael, at that time, all decribed them as belonging to the Ethiopian race(black). When they turned from YAH He turned from them, until they were ready to return. Hebrews intentionally,decided to forget there ways. While others intentionally decided to hide, manipulate, & distort them. The arab, Indian ocean/european, trans-atlantic slave trades spread the hebrews to the bottom rung of the nations as foretold. Leaving a group of turkish-europeans,mentioned in the book of Revelation 2:9 & 3:9, to somewhat, adopted & distort the ways of the hebrews as do the early roman church. Ushering in the "day of clouds" a.k.a "the times of the gentiles" a.k.a, The era of "false teachings/teachers". Passing themselves off as hebrews, to the rest of europe, and through euro conquest,the world. Until the time of the gentiles is over. **whew** I hope somewhere in there is the answer to your question brotha man, peace.

As you are always respectful in your posts I return respect and address you like I'm speaking to a person with the intelligence you always display.
I do not believe in abraham, isaac or jacob. I do not believe that the hebrew "bible" is relevant to people of African decent at all. I do not measure the history of my people, wherever they come from, through the prism of the bible at all. The bible for me is the story of the hebrew water god and as such has nothing to do with me as I am a Nago man from the OYO (yoruba) people of Ile Ife, Nigeria.
With continued respect I don't believe that the "bible" has revelance for ANY African derived people on the face of the earth, but that is just my belief. Why would a people who, as OA said, have the original revelation buy into the so-called religion of their slave masters and oppressors?