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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Immortal Logic: When you ENTER into a religion you have to give up certain aspects of your culture.

Rowe: Your religion is your birth right. It should not require "entering" or "induction" or "conversion" in the first place. A religion is not a girlscouts club or social meeting where "applying " for membership is a requirement and others who are not a member are ostracized. Perhaps this is how Westerners relate to religion, but everyone else does not. Your religion is your CULTURAL IDENTITY. Its who you are and who you will always be. Its in your blood and in your lineage. Its who your family and ancestors were and the lives they apsired to live.

Immortal Logic: Are you saying that I personally am completely ignorant to these cultures, or western society?

Rowe: Did you not just make an uninformed and judgemental observation about African traditions involving female circumcision, scarfication, and the marriage of "minors" as not being "right?" Did it ever occur to you that outsiders who arrive to this country and see the unneccessary and disgusting ways that Americans carve up their bodies during plastic procedures in order to satisfy some childish obsession with looking "youthful" is also "not right?" Or what about Americans marking up their bodies with ridiculous tatoos stating "I Love Mommy" and other body piercings which have no tribal significance or cultural meaning whatsoever? What about the child pornography problem that continues to plague this country as well America's glorified pedophiles who call themselves "religious leaders" while perpetually sexually abusing its youth in the church and behind the scenes? Why isn't any of this "not right?" Because its done in America, that's why! Somehow, because Americans do it, that makes it ok. You all have to be the most self-absorbed and conceited people this world has ever seen. Why is it that you all can see everyone else's faults, but you cannot see your own?

Immortal Logic: Anticipated by whom the men, or the females going to have their clitoris removed?

Rowe: What's the reason for having male infant's foreskin removed? The foreskin doesn't prevent reproductive functioning, so why is it removed? Its anticipated by whom the women, or males going to have their foresking removed?

Immortal Logic: O.K. and for your information, the equivalent of a female circumcision would be castration.

Rowe: In order for that to be correct, it would have to prevent the woman from functioning reproductively. However, female circumcision does not do this. After the female circumcision procedure, the woman, much like the male enduring the circumcision procedure, are still able to function reproductively. She has not been "mutilated," which is a common misconception about female circumcision. The woman is still able to produce and bear children.

Immortal Logic: I've read articles were female circumcision is so severe te women can no longer stand on there own and must be assisted or use a wheel chair.

Rowe: Listen buddy, I'm not going to waste my time arguing over apples and oranges. The point is, you could learn to exercise something that is called cultural tolerance and Cultural Relativity. Cultural Relativity is an anthropological term which warns observers, particularly anthropology students, against perceiving and judging the cultural traditions and behaviors of others through the lense of your own culture.

Immortal Logic: But don't fault others for the sharing of concepts,teachings and beliefs. I CAN and WILL inform whoever I am told!

Rowe: When it involves Christians, there's a very fine line between "sharing" and "imposing," especially if it is your intention to exorcise people from their traditional religions and cultures. Think about it. What makes you think that these people are not just as satisfied with their belief system as you are with yours?

Immortal Logic: What makes you think the teachings of YAH aren't african in origin?

Rowe: I'm not familar with the teachings of Yah. My statement was in response to your description of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. If the teachings of Yah have any relationship to either of these religions, then its likely that it is African in origin.
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