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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Immortal Logic: I know that juvenile little things like this are not only beneath you...

Rowe: Thank you, but I will decide what is beneath me.

Immortal Logic: But if you're talking forced female circumsion, child scarafication...

Rowe: As an outsider, it's definitely not your place to decide what is "right" for a group of people with whom you have no historical relation or cultural ties. More importantly, one cannot make judgements about what goes on in another group's culture especially when they are completely ignorant about that culture and its traditions. As far as African female circumcision is concerned, this ancient tradition is an anticipated and expected rite of passage for African women who come of age. This procedure is not done to simply tortue and demean women. This is a distorted, ignorant, and narrow-minded LIE about African traditions. For your information, Female Circumcision is an African tradition that is the equivalent of male circumcision, which is a common procedure performed in the West. Both FEMALE and MALE circumcision however are practiced in some parts of Africa. And likewise, male circumcision is painful and completely unncesseary in terms of male functioning and reproduction, but even today, it is a commonly performed procedure in many hospitals in America because of TRADITION. Its so typical of Americans to fail to see the similarities between the traditions of other people's cultures and their own. Once again!, their self-absorbed arrogance clouds their common sense and judgement leading them to make the most moronic and absurd observations about other people's traditions. They spread distortions and lies about everyone else's civilizations while putting their own on a high pedastal.

Immortal Logic: I mean come on now, what is the probability of every world religion being right.

Rowe: What's "right" for you in your culture may be all wrong for me in my culture. Again, it is not your place to decide what is right for me and my people or anyone else's people for that matter. WE will decide how WE want to worship and what kind of relationship that WE will have with the Creator. It is not your place to do this for us. You certainly would not appreciate it if I were to tell you that your religion is ALL WRONG and that its traditions are PRIMITIVE, BACKWARD, and STUPID. SO DON'T DO IT TO ME! Treat people humanely, the way you and yours would want to be treated. Now of course I see nothing wrong with spreading objective wisdom of which anyone can certainly appreciate, such as "Respect Others," "Share your Prosperity With The Poor and Needy" or "Be Considerate of Others," but attempts to completely demolish, reorganize, and restructure someone's culture and traditions is not humane.

Immortal Logic: The 3 major religions Chrisianity, Islam,and Judism all acknowledge the God of the bible and His story of creation!

Rowe: According to major authorities on Theology and Religion Studies, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are considered the three 'Major Western Religions' even though ironically, all of these religions can certainly trace their heritage and history back to Ancient African wisdom and religions since African people are the first organizers of religion and the first to populate the earth. Therefore, any responsibility that the Muslim, Jew, and even younger Christian claims for being "spiritually enlightened" can be credited to ancient African people. Thus, turning your noses up at them or looking down upon them as if they are spiritually and morally backward is unneccessary. If anything, African people can certainly teach YOU a thing or two about how to worship and what genuine, authentic spirtuality is all about, compared to the average Christian who has a temporal and convenient relationship with their religion.
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