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Reply to "MY Way or Hell!"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Originally posted by IMMORTAL LOGIC:
That although you hear many voices, calling to you in the form of various religions, there are only two beings calling your name. One is him, and one is a ventriloquist of sorts. Who takes on many voices. And your even given the end results, one is on a hill called "Shamayin"(heaven) and for treason, and and attempting to overthrow the most high, one is on there way to "sheol"(hell).

I can appreciate your metaphorical explanation. It was indeed helpful in providing a synopsis of this discussion. However what shitphony

Shebakoby, nor anyone one this site doesn't need me to defend them, but I think this is a bit much. As far as I can tell everyone on this site is a college educated adult. That was my main attraction to this site. So wouldn't it be nice if/don't you think we could, have a debate, no matter how heated, minus insipid name-calling, and manipulations of screen names. I'm not here that often, and I've read very little of your post. But what I have read, I know that juvenile little things like this are not only beneath you, but beneath the whole board.

and others under the influence of Christianity fail to realize is that it is not their responsibility to give a world a religion.
Well, I"m actually a Messianic Hebrew Israelite. Which has some similarities to Christianity,Judism,and a little Islam (or rather they have similarities to us I should say). So I'm not hear to defend christians, but my Lord & Master. While it is not anyones job to "give religion" It is the job of YAH's people to spread his word, and do his bidding. You see, when you are truly one YAH's people, you are a priest/priestess...or at least your supposed to be. And a priest is defined as "an agent,emisarry,or representitive,of a particular deity." What you ARE required to do is just go from town to town, spreading his word...that's it. So that no one can claim that they weren't given knowledge of, or that a particular offer was never extended. Just give the info, explain the offers and those of his among the masses will follow to learn the sacred teachings,history,etc. And deviation from this is most unacceptable.

Religion is intimately tied to culture

To a degree, some things will go, some will not. Like moving to another country, most of what you usually do is fine, but if your talking forced female circumsion, child scarafication or marrying a minor, that has to go for you to enter. And let's be honest, just because something is culturally acceptable doesn't make it right, I read once that when the husbands died, the vikings used to bury the wife alive with him, so that she serve him in the after life. And they would excavate graves where it looked as if the wife died via suffucation while trying to dig her way out. So yes if you enter into a religion expect certain changes based on those beliefs

and each culture has a different set of spiritual needs and goals.


Therefore, to tell someone that because they do not claim Christianity as their religion that they are destined for a Christian hell is ridiculous.

Unless it's true. I mean come on now, what is the probability of every world religion being right. Like I said before,we all are free to follow whatever,but if wrong be ready to live with that decision. Are some of YAH's people arrogant? Yes,and the bible clearly states it's stance on arrogant/highminded individuals. But do not always mistake confidence and faith, for arrogance and haughtiness. What most are saying is we've made our choice, and will stand by it. So bring on the mystery of who is god. We are prepared.

Its the mentality of a religious nut.

Opinion,and again, unless it's true.In which case claiming ignorance to the fact is not an option.

In fact, many of the proverbs and stories that are meant to draw attention to basic principles of morality and wisdom can be found within the belief systems of almost every culture on this planet (i.e., give to the poor, do not steal, do not commit adultery, abstain from violence, etc.)

Didn't you just say "each culture has a different set of goals and spiritual needs."

But as far as conversion and proseltyization are concerned, this behavior is unique to Christians.

False. Most religions Try/have tried to gain converts by force. Islam and Budhism (sp) being two of, but always get of the hook for some reason...hmm. In addition, Most of the people in the world acknowledge the bible as truth to some degree, and in some form. The 3 major religions Chrisianity, Islam,and Judism all acknowledge the God of the bible and His story of creation, Shamayin, and Sheol.As well as hebrew Israelies, and even satanist acknowledge this! The big 3 bicker over details, and the new testiment. While satanist freely admit that,"yes,there is a heaven and yes he is that god, but we are the disciples of he that will purge god, and start a new order. "(or some say he already has. But I didn't look that deeply into that variant). So never the less there is a stronger basis than most, for those beliefs,regardless if you agree or not.

Led by whites,
Partial truth. The first 2 nation to convert were Ethiopia and Nubia,in that order. But with the invasion of Islam the peaceful/intended way to YAH ended. And roman catholic era began.

who have proven to be incapable of harmoniously interacting with anyone who is not white, this religion requires its devotees to recruit more Christians and convert the world over into Christianity in attempts to "save" folks their own cultures and identities. Meanwhile, while they claim to be the best examples of morality the world has to offer, the society in which they dwell happens to be the most violent, requiring the most military defense to protect itself compared to any other country on this planet, the most sexually amoral and perverted to say the least, and is the least supportive of its children's education and overall well-being. How they can possibly explain away this degree is hypocrisy is anyone's guess. They have no idea about what it means to be a community, to care for others, or to live wholistically. This is why I become so incensed when I read the religiously self-righteous and arrogant arguments made by people like Shitphony because the people for whom she represents are NOT in the position to make judgements against those they seek to convert, who are often times more trustworthy and spiritually consistent than the average Christian could ever hope to be. Its no wonder they experience so many problems with trying to market their religion to others. The religion has proven to do absolutely nothing in regards to elevating their own decency and spirituality beyond stagnation.
A bit broad in the strokes, but for the most part you'll receive no argument from me,(although, throughout the ages arab cultures have been just as violent). But YAH clearly states,several times, that those nations will be taken care of when he passes judgement on the nations(see my sig. for one). This is also one of the reasons why he states that the gate of Shamayin are narrower than people think. And on the the day of judgement a great many who most would think are getting in will not.