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Reply to "My Friend says, "No More, Let Me Die""

Herdswoman, thanks for you compassion. It's greatly appreciated.

I've reflected on poster's precept of Reverend, saying, "No more, Let me go." To me, it was his way of stating that he was alright with his relationship with the Lord, that he has tolled our mortal existence, and finsihed his task here on earth. God had already said, "Well done, My good and faithful servant.

I do not believe that he gave up or ever lost faith. He was appealing to his family to let him go. He had done God's will, and now it was time for him to assume another place in God's kingdom.

Now, comes the circus - or pomp and circumstance if I may state it as such.

Because he was a man of the cloth, and held high ranks and esteem in the Baptist community, a choral director, and lover of people, the family now must endure a two day service in order to accomdate his many influences.

I request your continued prayers.

"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."