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Reply to "Multiculturalism As White Racism’s New Weapon Against The Black Agenda"

Why do men need "approval" from the whole damn country to screw other men in their behinds?  It would seem to me the only person you need that approval from is the man who owns the behind you want to screw.


Why does everyone have to KNOW who you want to screw and APPROVE?? What's wrong with keeping your mouth closed about that shit??? You don't want your pecker anymore?


Going to have it chopped off and pretend your a woman.  No matter what you do to yourselves, how much woman shit (whatever it's called) you swallow, you still don't look like women. You look like the pretenders you are. You're playing a part. You're going to most likely piss some man off when he finds out you still have it or you chopped it; whatever.


You Prancers!!  Think that's cute???  Steppin' down the street, twitchin' and dancin' in shorty shorts. What does your mother call you?  Her Prancer/Dancer??  I know she says that doctor lied like a motherfucker when he said "You have a baby boy!" She's still trying to figure out what she had.

Men and their pipes and lack thereof, the biggest weapons of mass destruction in existence.


Brain scans should be implemented on baby boys as soon as they're born. Maybe it would give parents some inkling of what they're facing. How crazy is the little motherfucker gonna be??? Look at what's been created so far. It's enough to give everyone a perpetual case of the shits. Pun intended and not intended.


Lordy, the INSANITY!!!!!!

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